Funny PVP fight videos from the arena

#1 Hope you enjoy it.


Warriors with swords…the way it should be.
+1 for warrior build w/ sword


I’ve avoided my warrior till the last 2 weeks because I didn’t like them. But once you play them properly and study the talent procs they are fun



Having problems with screen recorder :slight_smile:


I enjoy watching your battle!! :fieriparrot:

#7 thank you


I want to warch stewpidmaster soon <3





@dickwad I am watching the video’s, and I don’t know which I like better. the Vanities, the wins and losses, all the procs, your in their face fighting style, those awesome Apocalypse battles. even though I have gotten to Eternal Division 6, your video’s make me feel under powered for some reason. :wink:


Even if find them scary !


Any chance of a chimera warrior duel video?


I will have to make one




Ohhh i already fight you in legend division 1 &2 before i get in to mythic division 5 to 6 now you looks familiar to me


Nc fight


this video reminds me my past rouge bow type in season 1. nice one bro.


I hope you like it too