Funny PVP fight videos from the arena


Corret!, but that dont make you unkillble if you know what i mean :expressionless:, rather have 7500 hp instead!


I’m not too sure about epic hp. Even with all my hp it translates to about 6k in pvp. Then I face opponents with 150k health using immortal. I still kill them. Just dodge a few rounds and watch my stats


150k hp immortal, i whant one of those!!!, if that exists i will be banned in seconds, legit, that dont exist, what you face is probably 150k hp whyd some AR!, anyway dodge some rounds is great but enemy power is increasing to, he will kill you minions faster and :skull:!


I have killed a lot of cheaters . Been killed alot too. Cheaters don’t understand the game. Crap items can be awesome


Sr, you shod try this, instead of have alot mp regen hp regen, you dont spam command minion so Energy resource sistem will fit your build :+1:, think about it :wink:!


When im wide awake I will consider :slight_smile:


I can make to eternal league whyd just epic affix, is true, i did it, is very challenging to make a build whid out set affix and be OP!


Check out my “very low level pvp” guide on here for my 6 year old nephew. Very low items. He’s mythic 1v1 1st division


I have see it​:blush:, keep us actualized about his journey :smile:!


Awesome :slight_smile: .


He’s stalled in legend. Not surprisingly . His gear needs a boost but I’m tempted to hold back and let him experiment




@Golem I’ve learned that hirelings set bonuses only activate if the main has it.