Funny sets ideas

What set would you like to have?
Personnally, I’d like a set that gives +1 all sets excluding itself.

And some elemental sets ideas:

-Frozen ennemies loses up to +5% (5%^enemy rarity) of their max hp per second. (Bonus : 200% freeze duration if 40% freeze chance)

-Each attack on a shocked enemy explodes in a +3 yards aoe that deals +5% dmg of the attack for each shock effect.
Doesn’t activate if dmg dealt by this set. (Bonus: +2 shock effect max if 4 items)

-Gives +5% move speed (beyond cap) and +2% total dmg for each immolated enemy. (Bonus : +30% immolate and +200% blistering if 40% move speed)

-Increases poison cloud size by +20% (no bonus)

Deadly sins.

Deadly sins increases all % chances of any affix you are allowed to craft ( and it’s very few) Now if you find Merlins imp it becomes very funny.

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