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Hello Guys,
I hope that this game will still live, that there will be new features and especially a sequel.

To rekindle the flame of old players or motivate new players, I want to share with you my channel that compiles my best build. I tried to create pure damage build with and without crushing blow affixe. I also created builds with lot of mobility and made to work as a duo.
I know my builds are not perfect but i did my best and it’s just a funny post :slight_smile:

I hope you will enjoy and above all that it can inspire you in the creation of your own powerful build.
I can give more details and share other video of specific builds if you ask.



I don’t know if you have too much time on your hands or are a DQ genius…

but seriously… there were so many good builds with great ideas and combo’s! :+1:

that Poison Chakram got a 1.? trillion crit hit, which was really cool!

Thanks for sharing!

almost forgot, that Double Sprint Duo is really amazing, and you did great with the A.I. on that one. gave me some ideas…

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The Double Sprint Due running is very nice build. I thought only Skull Shield can do running and I totally forget the Sprint skill :D. Probably I will try to build this one

The A.I setting is pull everything in distance about enemy to 0 yards and 1yards near team member. Make sure speed on these 2 character is the same or the best would be make your hireling moving a little bit bigger then it will always catch the main.

The only thing which makes me a bit unhappy is about Crushing Blow affix. You still have it as 30% and as you can see the “Green Color” popping up with a big Bilion damage. But i’m happy that your purple damage also has Billion damage as well. Which I’m looking for.

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I am not a big fan of crushing flames / crushing blow because i think it destroys PVM. But my build can make damage even against solo enemy and without spaming the flames because all the execute affixe and the mercenary / demonic sets :slight_smile:
Personally, my favorite build is the poison charge or poison twister thanks to huge damage without any crushing blow effect and thanks to the mobility. :smiley:
But, to destroy a map with big Pack size, duo runner is my best combo

My next video will be a little reminder on how to rush exp after an ascent

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yes your poison build with Shadows set is perfect :smiley: I can see it destroy the mobs without Crushing build which i’m happy with it. I added some comments in your youtube channel already.

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But I think in the end the Duo Sprint running build are perfect for climbing :smiley: the only problem here is I have 1 Wizard and 1 Rouge :))) I don’t have any warrirors

For you, i have uploaded a video where i combine i high mobility rogue on main character for drop / exp and my twister wizard with Teleport “as often as possible”. Not as strong as Duo runner but taunt / mobility on main character and twister / spam teleport on DPS character can prevent damage enough to save both. And, even if the main character play with crushing / dodge / block , the poison buil can destroy eternal enemy almost in 1v1 :smiley:
It’s just an idea, not the best combo for Rogue / Wizard.

I will build Duo Warriror running. The main thing here is I already have the build with Crushing Blow which I don’t really like it. I’m finding a build without any Crushing Blow at all to see how far I can go without it. Any build includes Crushing Blow I would not need actually.


Thanks for sharing!very like the build :kissing:

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