Fury and harmony?

Fury and Harmony are Good combination or not ?

depending on the build.

Btw feel free to post your questions here.
You might find good info from other players’ questions as well

@f00kee tnx sir hmmm
About tank type warrior is this good ??
Fury=gain resource by primary attack
Harmony= restore HP by 25% of healed MP vice versa

If i have low HP and i used charged with battlemage
Fury effects harmony?? My HP is restored ? I am right sir ??

I havent tried that on the most recent path. So, yeah I cant confirm that.
Lets wait for someone to confirm. Just got back playing ^^

This is my plan build sir do you think it is possible ? Gaining HP by the effect of Fury ?? Or its better to use another resourse what is your sujest sir

It’s not gonna work! I’ve try it! I think only 1 resource system mythic working.

Harmony is not a resource though so I think it would work.
@cronos4321 did before Harmony + Energy associated with Prayer talent for his Hachimon gift so it’s possible.

I have try… work

harmony + equivalent here it works and fury and harmony will work too :smile: