Fury is a mess! Explained

Fury is a great mythic, especially for one shot builds using special skills and i do 100% recommend it if it fits your build… However…

Here’s how its supposed to work… primary skills recover 25% fury, specials cost 40% fury, you lose 5% fury per second, and have 100% total fury (I’ll get into push the limit and barbarian later)

Here’s how it actually works…
Primary skills recover x% fury (x because its different for nearly every primary attack in the game)
Specials do indeed cost 40% fury
And again you lose 5% fury per second with 100% being total fury

I put together a full list of every item and how much fury percent it recovers

All of these were calculated with no skill points in mana and heroic points in intelligence dont affect fury
The only one i was unsure of was rogue Flintlock because it’s so low, but i estimate it to be around 5%

More things to note:
Push the limit - this does increase your damage but it doesnt affect the amount of fury that you’ll recover… at 50%, specials cost 60%, at 100%, specials cost 80%
Barbarian - this reduces the amount of total percent fury that you can have, also reducing the amount of damage fury could potentially give you… at 50%, max fury becomes 50%, at 100% you’ll only be able to cast primary skills… AVOID barbarian!!!
Mana shield - yes, you can use mana shield with fury… should you? No. Why? Because mana with fury is locked at its base amount - very low. If for any reason you’re unable to cast your primary attack, you’ll become a very easy target… just dont use mana shield with fury or energy mythics…

The AI - the AI wont spam cast certain primary attacks (specifically: SkullShield, ManaShield, Sprint, Fear? and CoatWeapon) so using these on an AI as your primary build up of fury isnt going to work, sorry!

If there’s anything i missed let me know! I can do a similar one of these for Energy if you’d like, but there really isn’t much to that which isnt mentioned here

Oh and one extra tiny little thing… fury doesnt seems to care much about heroic points… tho special skill cost might be considered?


So chakram and mirror is the best combination MH and OH weapon for fury

Its definitely not the only option, but yes they’re very good options

I find fury to be best in pvp, while you could use alchemy, alchemy causes you to take 50% more damage too…

I never actually got the immortal build to work properly, but Sprint + Charge builds up plenty of fury to cast Whirlwind if you’re playing a Warrior with BattleMage, even for the AI

It goes pretty well with Orb, Storm and Twister
As well as Timewarp if you’re planning on a camping build
A great one I’ve been playing around with is a Rogue with Flintlock or a Wizard with Barrage, it casts Timewarp and Orb, then uses procs for Storm and Twister

Procs still get the Fury damage btw

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