Game controls

why is the game buttons so small, i used to have big buttons on the right.

I’m not sure, but when they came out with Patch 3.something with in game shadows (adjustable), there was something about screen size & resolution (?).

I have the same problem with my device. I’m thinking of getting a tablet with a screen that’s a little bigger. I wonder if the buttons and in game map will not be small/smashed looking…

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You can adjust the on screen buttons through the options menu. Unless I misunderstand what you are referring to. Even at “Large” the buttons appear small on your device?

on my android, it seems like the buttons went down a size. the largest used to fit under my thumb just right and now it’s more like medium.

hopefully Mystic5 can share their observations…

have you changed devices golem? Something that has a higher dpi screen? We need to get an update out for google play soon but we have been struggling with the original tools we used to make DQ so it has been…a chore to say the least.

usually on my old tablet the attack buttons are big ang located at lower right of screen. now they became so small and align on the lowrr left of the screen. i use a new phone with smaller screen

i want the screenshot here but cannot find the attachment buttons :grin:

if I remember correctly, the device I’m using now has been for a little over 3 years (I got it about a little after the summer of 2020) and has had the smaller button thing with the weird looking maps.

I just looked at the date for Patch 3.1.1, and that was about the time everything started shutting down and I couldn’t get internet access… :crying_cat_face: . I got a new device from a friend when I was able to get access again and that was when I noticed the map looking a little different (you talked about it in the Thread) and the buttons looked a little smaller. game play was a little harder until I got used to the smaller buttons.

Model: U307AS
Android Version: 9

… testing …

ok, I was fiddling with the controls and trying to do some remembering, and the buttons did seem smaller, but I also think the screen on the current device is a little smaller than my previous one.

@Mystic5 take a look in Options > Controls and see if you can change it from left to right and also the size. also double check that you haven’t switched to screen tap instead of the controller.