Game crash when connected to internet

When I play the game offline, there was no problem and the game won’t even crash. But once I connect my tablet to the internet and play online, the game crash when start the game. Any one can help?

I already tried to reinstalled the game but the game still crash when I’m online. Also try clearing the cache and data but the problem still exist.

My tablet is Cloud pad 800W. Android 4.2.2. My game version is

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HI Evergreen,

This can actually be because of a few things, I will try to run down a list of possible issues and what you can do to check on your end.

  1. Facebook - If you use facebook please make sure you have the most up to date Facebook app on your device. If you are not using facebook but still have it installed try to “force stop” the application before you run DQ.

  2. Google Play Games Services - There was an issue a few version ago with an incompatibility between our game and Google Play Games services. Update this app and make sure you have the most up to date version.

  3. Ad Blocking programs. While I don’t have much experience with these on mobile devices, I have spoken to a few users that have had app issues when using ad block software. Try disabling it while you play DQ>

Hi tdaniel,

I tried everything you said but the game still crash when i’m online (connected to internet).

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OK, sorry to hear this, I was hoping one of those ideas would help.

If you are playing on a google device can you please press the “report this to google” button when you are returned to the Android home screen?

This will send some code to google letting us know where this crash happened. When we get that crash report we will try to find the issue on our end and correct it.

How can I report if there was no error when the game crash?

You cannot report that. If you use an Apple device it is automatically reported.

If you use a google device and you have downloaded the game from the Google Play store when there is a crash it will (I thought each time) present you with a closed application/issue dialogue box that allows you to send a bug report to us through google.

Sorry if that did not show up!