Game freezing/ Handy crashes

first of all, sorry for my bad english, but i come from austria and i would not search any word on google translate or so :smiley:

I load the update today. First i was happy for the new/better graphics and the other new features. But since i updated the game my handy freezed every time. Sometimes after 5 mins or 10mins.Then i can only restart my handy,nothing other helps.
Before i download the update i had no problems with the game!
I have a rooted Samsung Galaxy S2…
Has anyone a idea why the new update freeze my Handy ? With the old version i could play dungeon quest without internet on, that is with the new patch possible too, but is this maybe the problem ?

please help me :smile: cause dungeon quest is my new favourite game :smile:

This might help, mate.


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Очень часто виснет, не тормозит а именно виснет, ничего не помогает, играть невозможно, не могу пройти и одного этажа. Я думаю не нужно говорить о том что это нужно исправить, на Google play каждый первый пишет об этой ошибке. В общем обновление супер, не будет ошибки, начну вкладывать деньги.

thx for your link. I made the tips on this link, step by step, but it doenst help!!
I try now to save my profile and items and reinstall the game, hope this helps :smile:
If have any other one a tip for me, youre welcome :smile:

Hey Coma,

We are working on a few things on our end that may help your situation, especially with a Samsung device. You mention that your device is rooted, do you have a custom rom installed by chance? If so can you tell me which one?


Yes i have a custom ROM on my Galaxy S2
I write you what i have under Telephon Info standing:
Model Number: GT-I9100
Android Version 4.0.4
Basisbandversion : I9100XXLQ6
Kernel Version: 3.0.15 hardcore@speedmod s2-ics #k3-31 SMP PREEMPT and a date.
Buildnumber: IMM76D.XWLPX

hope it helps…
i reinstalled it no the 6th time … i tryed it with root on (per SuperUser) and with temorärer unroot.
also i tryed to play it with the app (Hide my root) nothing does help…
What absolutly doesnt help is the app Game Booster, (stand by the tips) … 2316#p2316

thx 4 help

same problem with Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini

I hope you’ll fix that problem fast. Dungeon Quest is the only game that doesn’t bored me after 5 minutes :smile:)

Sorry for my scared eng.