Game Freezing/Hang

What floor are you playing? Is it uniform across all characters and stages?

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I been using 1 character for now (cant seem to like warrior).

Yea it hangs on different stages (2 in desert, 3-4 on fire stages and also hanged on boss stage once) (Act 2 and 4 magic floors).

For now it doesnt seem to hang when I leave it alone. All those hangs came from fighting even if I am just running around and letting my skulls do the work.

The hang is probably from a FPS drop from what you are describing. Do you know what your FPS (frames per second) is when this happenes? Also, why kind of device are you using. Hang ups when coming in contact with large groups of enemies will almost all the way be eliminated in the upcoming version (1.4)…well, for the most part, you will still get some lag.

Hmm, I’m running it on a SGS3 as well. Try downloading Game Booster and running DQ eith it.

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Hmm lag. Hard to notice the fps drops. If it was fps drop, would the game hang? I think it should just cause a major slowdown hence fps drop.

The hang I am experiencing is instant hang without me noticing the fps drop.

Gonna try the game booster and see if it happens again

Do you use the wizard “storm” ability a lot? It is the wand secondary attack and there is a know issue with it in the current patch (1.3.2). Spamming thst attack on sgs3/4 and HTC 1 can cause lock ups.

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Nope. My weapon setup is steiger fortune sword and skulls. I never use the sword second ability since I dont know whats the use of it

Sword’s secondary ability is a bit better in 1.4 :smile:

Did game booster help you out at all? Also, it may be obvious, but keeping all other apps closed helps get ever better performance.

Oh goodie better ability.

Only tried it once for now since it was sleeping time. Will try again for a longer time later.

It also hanged once even after restarting my phone although it only happened once.

Most of the time I dont have any active apps running especially when I play games. Not sure about the background apps though

Got lots of space in my phone and my ram is about 800mb - 1gb usage out of 1.5gb

It hangs again even with game booster on. This is the image when it hanged. The moment I pressed the mini skull, it hanged. Not sure if it was the 1st or 2nd mini skull. … f.png.html

There were only 2 enemies so clearly not fps issue.

I’d just wait it out 'till V. 1.4 (to be released soon!) and see if it gets fixed for you. There are several major performance improvements included in the upcoming release! I see you’re on a fire world…not sure if you’re leveling or if that’s your favorite but the fire worlds are getting a HUGE revamp that will be like a whole new game experience, you’ll love it! Hang tight, your problem will get fixed. :smiley:

yep not much else suck it up (which I do not mind since I love the game) and wait for next version. Besides the hang up is not always there that is why I do not mind.

Yep love the fire world since they are weak to ice and gives slow^^ but hates their burning effect haha

Hope the update comes soon.

Getting very close now. We have a solution to a asset loading issue we were running into, with that out of the way we are almost in the clear!