Game Guard

Why DQ dont have this ( Game Guard)? To prevent cheater from coming in.

Because it is an originally offline game maybe ?

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Yes, you are correct.

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DQ dont have a budget on it???

DQ is mostly an offline game, except for the Battle Arena. the Developers have stated that the easiest way to fix the cheater problem would be to make DQ all online, but then you would have to be online to play DQ. so to keep the fun of being able to play offline whenever you want, cheaters who are found in the Battle Arena are placed in the Cheater Battle Arena. it is up to the players who fight in the Battle Arena to let the Developers know by posting in the Cheater/Hacker Thread if the players think they have found any. the Developers then review the account that has been accused to verify if the person is a Cheater/Hacker or a person with a really good set of Arena items gotten legitimately.

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GameGuard is only effective (for the purposes of this discussion at any rate) when your game requires an online connection. We only have an on line connection for the Battle Arena and since our game does not require a constant connection to the internet to play, implementing GG would be more harmful to the user experience than it would be helpful.
(also it is very expensive :slight_smile: )


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Reduntant replies… To make the story short DQ dont have budget on it, just like @tdaniel said “it is very expensive”…

Do i feel an offensive behaviour here? Its not That they cant afford it.i think they can but they are working on the sequel . If you want an anticheat system so badly you can try o ther mmo games we can fight cheaters with screenshot report system and they are perma banned i think it is cool

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Yeah. I like this system too since it seems to work pretty effectively. I know we can’t remove all cheaters but the cheating feels less so that’s a good thing. Offline + little bit online , not too much you can do without hurting more than helping so they are doing good job.

Also what is Game Guard? Never heard of it. Not too worried about cheaters anymore.

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@mylifeisfunny if your offended on my statement there is nothing i can do, i cant control your feelings. Dont be emotional bro…

Indeed its been a long time my friends…

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Anyways back to the topic…

One game that bumps into my mind when I hear the word “Game Guard” is the game Ragnarok Online.

I think the app(Game Guard) has protocols that checks for any malicious scripts like hack programs in the game files. If the protocols found one, an error appears then the game fails to open.

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