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hello, is there a dungeon quest with unlimited everything to be able to test builds, like a test server, I am French and I struggle a bit to create builds and therefore I spend a lot of resources for nothing, thanks in advance


I think DQ had something like that during Beta Testing back in the early stages of development for the Game Testers.

one thing I do is look for Legend Items in the LegendEx that have most of the ‘expensive’ affixes I need for a build I want to test and just change any Epic affixes to what is needed. if it does well, I now know that it will probably do even better when I do the final Crafting. if it doesn’t do well, I now know to try something else and have saved Crystals & Mythstones.

for players who like testing different builds, a good Farm Build or Farm Team is very important, or it will take forever to replace resources between tests.

I’m always thinking of new build ideas faster than my Farm Build can keep up with, so I’m always running out of Ultra Rare Crystals & Mythstones, and because I’m always testing new ideas, I still haven’t gotten to 1 Billion Gold yet after 7+ years playing DQ. :crying_cat_face:

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Edit: you need to convert Legend Items to Dust, and Dust is used to unlock/buy Items in the LegendEx. the bad thing is that it costs 5,000 Gold for each Dust you get from a Legend+ Item, so you will need lot’s of Gold. Legend, Crystal, Mythic, and Eternal Items give different amounts of Dust, and the Items Level affects how much Dust you get. look in the LegendEx to see how much Dust it costs to unlock/buy an Item.

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Farm like you’ve never farmed before.

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