Game update

When can we see the newer version of DQ on Amazon? I’d really love to play the newer version on my kindle but I am forced at the moment on playing Google play version in the phone heh I know Amazon is kind of a slow process with updating their apps but it’s been quite a while.

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Unfortunately no ETA at the moment (I might be out of the loop my tablets in the shop so I can’t check) the major problem here is that there has been a working amazon version for quite some time now like fairly soon after the update hit for most google play users but on amazons end they have been extremely slow too respond too and work with the devs on a piece of compatibility that they require before the update hits the amazon store (not having this piece of compatibility would cause 0 bugs that directly affect the game) and nothing can be done about that too what I am sure is great deal of frustration on our lovely devs parts