Gameplay video

:slight_smile: hope you guys/girls like it.
Couldn’t get my DMG to multiply


What a weird build XD

:slight_smile: which build? xp

Nice vid vic. you should include it on your guide. ^^ That’s pretty nice dmg :smile:

Thanks I did a little change to my bow. I took off rage and the 50%dmg and replace it with +5ked and 20%ed this boost up my base DMG.

He probably mean it to fortune Bringer: sprint + taunt only and have like always full Hp/Mp hahaha. OP farming build.

He still get KO eAsy . I need to find a red legend crystalline hammer so I can add more HP.

when get stunned and frozen. lol yeah ik u need more hp. and i suggest u use twister for MH special. all skill just to lock monster. haha

That’s smart I’ll add it on
Edit: I can’t forgot its eternal. Please let me find a regular one.

lol… when build fortune bringer i also try being smart hahaha

I converted all my crystalline hammer… I’m having trouble finding them now.

lol just buy all normal to magic hammer in vendor. eventually u will get 1. lol

You can get crystalline from vendor?
Thought you can’t get rare affix from vendor.

u can~ crystalline and eternalized drop at floor 350 it not something rare lol. just go floor 350+ and buy it lol.

OK I’ll try it tomorrow gonna use 2m on it