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When will be the next update
It’s kinda feel boring this game now for me I what another patch add something that can make player interested in this app add something like another boses or new chero new item new epi proc and new elements.

Agreed, this game needs a revamp which adds more enemies, updated 3D models which look more detailed and possibly a new mechanic of craftable eternal legend gear. This can be done on the current engine DQ is using (shiva3D?) although the devs are working on a big project they may have something better for us in the long term if not right now.

This cannot be done on the shiva3d engine. That was one of the biggest roadblocks to adding content to DQ.

We have to completely change engines, which is not out of the question, it is all about prioritizing tasks, projects, etc.

DQ is not forgotten, but it is a MASSIVE undertaking to get it where we want it.


Can you give an insight into what engine you use now? I feel like there’s no DQ 2, but an overhaul. I’m impressed by the team’s determination and passion.

I hope we can get an update every 1 or 2 weeks or even 1 per month about the game’s state of development, if you don’t mind.

Sure we use Unity combined with custom tools on our end for our development. Right now we are focused on getting Three Skies as bug free as possible and updating the features for that game on our roadmap.

DQ2 was started in Unity as well and you find details on the forum as to why we decided to release Three Skies before committing to finishing up DQ2 first.


I have always liked dungeon quest a lot but an update is missing as a suggestion they should put seasons in each season add content and challenges and some cosmetic rewards for completing those challenges :blush:

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oooooo yeah an automated season change. any automatic content could possibly help