Obviously, we here on the forum are all gamers. If we weren’t, we wouldn’t be playing Dungeon Quest. We all have our favorite games, too, or even other games that we’re playing. I saw a post similar to this on the forum, but it was so old; I didn’t want to necro it.
So, DQ Players:

  1. What other games are you currently playing?

  2. What’s your favorite type of game?

  3. What’s your favorite console?

  4. Do you prefer playing online or offline?

  5. What is your favourite game?

  6. Which game marketing company do you prefer?

  7. How would you describe your gameplay style?

  8. I, other than DQ, am currently playing Dragon Age: Inquisition, and I am loving it.

  9. My favourite games are RPGs.

  10. My favourite console is PlayStation or Computer.

  11. I prefer playing online due to the ability to ask for help if necessary and to converse with others.

  12. My favourite game is probably Tenchu (the series), FFXI, or FFXII.

  13. I love Square Enix.

  14. When I play a game, I usually play fairly slow, making sure that I thoroughly take in the detail of the graphics and gameplay, grab all possible items and quests, and figure the game’s mechanics. If I’m playing a game with builds, I attempt to quickly learn all gear and stats so I can immediately start building.
    What about you?

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nothing much, beside DQ, i play Heroes of Order and Chaos (check on google playstore if u want to know more). its MOBA games. i like games that req brain to work, need strategy and team work. its online game. been play for 3 years, and now i rarely play because DQ Dev blackmail me. if i dont play DQ, they dont want to release 2.1 patch lol jk. DQ so addictive.

Beside, that games customer care service is horible. they reply mail almost after 3week-1month mail sended. so @tdaniel u do excellent work on solving problem issued on DQ costumer care. still remember tho when i first time encounter bug (comet explode on impact damage player too on pve patch 1.8) i got reply in 1 day lol. shocked. hype with that fast reply.

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  1. I play LOL at the moment. Currently at Diamond Division trying to go to Master Tier
  2. I like RTS and FPS
  3. I prefer PC because online shooting games suck on a console ^^
  4. Online so I can compete against others
  5. I love Tomb Raider series, Max Payne, Black Ops
  6. I love LEGO, i like how they support games for kids and their titles are awesome too ^^
  7. I always look at the storyline. That’s what matters to me.
  1. Tekken and dota2 (currently title holder at tekken and a loser player in dota2 lol)
  2. Any kinds of game but rpg is in the top of the list lol
  3. Ps and computer
  4. Online. More friends more fun :smiley:
  5. Tekken maybe?
  6. Namco
  7. I dont know lol but i really like learning from other players specially those pro, i dont care if i lose to them but at least i learn :smiley:
  1. Mostly DQ with the Kids.
  2. MMOs and RPGs so I can play with my kids. Prefer that they have PVP as well.
  3. WiiU. The kids love it so that means I love it.
  4. Offline now. Back in the day it was all about Online.
  5. Dark Age of Camelot from years ago. That PVP and Community was the best I have ever experienced.
  6. No preference.
  7. I’m a kind of whatever type gamer. As long as it sparks my interest, that’s all that matters.

1: DQ and pokemon (all series)
2: Any
3: android, ps, computer, gameboy, NDS, and NDS3D.
4: any
5: Pokemon x and y and DQ
6: any
7: Observant


Glad… to share with you guys :smiley:

I love near anything RPG game, they just awesome… i’ve got boring fast if it wasn’t RPG game.

  1. Dragon Age Inquisition, GTA V, Witcher 3, Skyrim
  2. Mostly Rpg
  3. Pc
  4. Both of them
  5. PERSONA, Resident Evil, Dark soul 1, Suikoden, Shin megami tensei series, Digital devil saga, shinobido, Neverwinter night 2 and many more i cant mention it
  6. Atlus, EA, Bandai, Obsidian, Bhetesda, Konami, Squere enix, Rockstar, Rebelion
  7. Love… warriors build, tank or dps ! Farming or sidequest first to gain strength ! So i will challenge enemy on the story line arrogantly :grin:

Did you play Pandora Saga by Atlus?

Sadly no… i’m starting to avoid MMORG game since i play GW2, DN, LOL etc…
cause turned me to a bad habit, eg i almost forgot everything, didn’t sleep normally, got alot of starved, forgot the book, sleepy often in the college, forgot the girls and sun rise too… LOL

Haha. I had an addiction, but I never had a problem like that. Pandora Saga was amazing.

Alot of good rpg game produced by atlus, but they are more often on playstation series,

It’s awesome… if you could manage the time well !
But I didn’t make it thou…, it was turned me like a bat, haha… MMORPG it so damn,

Are you really like dragon age inquisition ? I suggest you have to play, DA origin and DA 2 before DAI, it was great story line… if done it then enjoy it :wink:

And I suggest to play Neverwinter Night 2 and download all the patch, its an old game… but it was great storyline ever !
I recommend this one :smile:

I played Origins, but haven’t played 2.

Well it’s up to you… i played once is more than enough cause its take a long journey !
DA 2 is lack of upgrading gear, DAI is more betters… but Skyrim more advanced :smiley:

1.) No other games yet
3.) Don’t have a console yet
4.)offline-play anywhere i like but if i was allowed to have both answers, online because friends, teamwork.
5.) For now, Dungeon Quest
6.) Can’t think of any atm
7.) My playing style is different for each game but one thing in common I always have is to always try to go for the best of the best items/craft the best of the best I could possibly craft.

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1)Clash of clans/royale
2)Strategy/FPS by far
3)Computers ftw
4)I prefer offline,then i can play the game anywhere
5)My favourite games are the walking dead series and the last of us,they are amazing
6)Telltale,everything they make is awesome
7)Trial and error,no looking up guides,learn everything myself and don’t rush too fast

  1. I’m playing Witcher 3, Crashlands, X-com 2 soon, and Netrunner ( card game )
  2. Arpg or tactic/strategy are my favorite
  3. Mostly PC
  4. No preference!
  5. Diablo 2 will probably always be my favorite
  6. If this means publisher, I’d go with Blizzard
  7. I quickly let the games I love consume my life

My kinda guy. :smile:

  1. Dota2 / LoL / HoN
  2. Games usually with hard grinds just to excell like Ragnarok Online, Monster Hunter Port 3rd and FF1.
  3. PSP! Patapon 1/2/3, MHP3rd and Disiddia.
  4. Offline so I could Grind w/o pop up ads, I dont hate Online though.
  5. All listed on 1, 2, 3 and 4.
  6. Square Enix hands down.
  7. Grind unsuspectedly and hide them until such certain time arrives like Kirito on SAO.
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Here’s mine:

  1. I’m currently playing Coc, knowingly I have 7accounts. I have 2 LVL 8 TH. The rest are 7. Though I also have LoL HON and Dota2, you can add me there :blush:
  2. I love mostly RPG games like Ragnarok Online, Pokemon and DQ, but nonetheless all game.
  3. PC and GBA
  4. Actually both online and offline games, esp when he (boyfiee) ask me to play.
  5. All the listed above :heart_eyes:
  6. I play when I want to, or depending on my mood. But I guess my game play is mostly on grinding.

Bringing this back 'cause why not.

Currently playing: Fallout: New Vegas, Minecraft, SSBB/Melee, Diablo 3. Hitting some oldies lately. :sunglasses:

Looking forward to your guys’ responses. :heart: