GDPR, Shiny Box, and YOU!

Just kidding I guess…Amazon patch went live this morning!


Sorry to bother you tdaniel…

I’m still not getting any reward ads in Amazon version… :cry:
They didn’t download/work in the prior version either…
I press the box to watch, and nothing happens (the reward ad box disappears though)…

Is this the problem you referenced above, “No, they haven’t forgotten but they also have not released their GDPR compliant SDK updates. We will probably have to move forward without the support in the Amazon version (so no ads at all will work)”?

I’m using a Fire HD 8, Generation 5…

This is a side effect of supporting GDPR (to a point). Amazon has changed their support for Ad networks BUT that support is not yet GDPR compliant.

They support ad mob for their banner ads and level loading ads but they do not have support for video ads yet (those are what we use for the boosts). As soon as they update the GDPR support on their end we will get new builds created on our end.

Sorry that this is taking so long, but our hands are somewhat tied here.


Great explanation, and I totally understand, thanks tdaniel :smile_cat:.

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