GDPR, Shiny Box, and YOU!

The GDPR goes into effect on May 2018 and it has an impact on how you will play our games going forward and how we will share information with you. We have been working for the last few weeks to update not only Dungeon Quest, but our forums, as well as creating all the tools we need to be compliant with GDPR.

If you want to know what GDPR is and how it could effect you please check out this website. A quick breakdown: If you live in the EU companies must get your explicit consent to use/store personal data. ShinyBox does not track our players locations so we have to treat every account as if it were an account created in the EU (European Union).

We have updated our privacy policy as well as provided a “how we use your data” section which you can find here: Shiny Box Data Privacy FAQ.

We cannot provide any access to the DQ Account system for our users until they consent to sharing their data with us. If you do not consent to allowing us to use your email address and DQ account information we cannot provide you with the ability to back up your save game for Dungeon Quest.

You also have the right to request that we delete your personal information. We can do this, but it cannot be reversed on our end. All of your save game data will be erased from our DQ Account system and we will not be able to restore that information.

If you are using a hacked/edited/modified version of our game to avoid consent your save game data WILL BE DELETED. The only way we can ensure our company is adhering to these regulations is by making sure all of our players provide us with consent to use their information. If a edited version of our game avoids that consent the only recourse we have is to completely delete your data. THIS CANNOT BE REVERSED!

Over the next few days updated versions of our game will be released on each platform. This will take several days to complete and in the mean time you may not be able to access the DQ Account system until you have the most updated version of our game.

We cannot control the speed in which our app update is released. This is 100% controlled by the App stores and they are all slammed right now with app updates from developers all over the world. It is not the best scenario, but we do not have a choice in the matter.

If you have any questions at all please feel free to email,, or DM me.



when will the update come? here in philippines. i keep getting “Match Not found” in Arena. :sadparrot:

Finaly Some Good News!

@tdaniel, android already updated but its Still apear this when i try to Open the mail to get the PvP chest’s…

Is a bug Maybe?

the latest version is right? works fine here. :slightly_smiling_face:

When I updated my dungeon quest app. Sir can you please fix this? I’m using android.

Android is currently out, Apple is waiting for review. Amazon is typically the slowest to get reviewed. I tested android last night and this morning and it is working with no problems so far.


okay. thanks sir. I try to re update my DQ app now.

Interesting, forums look new too such as a few new badges, like buttons. I was gonna ask for https but its already there :smile: . Also understandable to talk about the GDPR and thanks, will update dq right away.

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I cant press the play button after updating the game, it always ask for my consent about my info. After accepting both option, the game still asks me for my consent. Help

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What version of the game are you playing (apple app store or google play). I think I may have responded to you in email, if I did follow the instructions I gave you there and try again.

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I am playing the android version.
I dont remember once that we had a communication on email so for me to respond something that we didnt had is impossible.
Though I received an email from shinybox games about accounts update, is this what you’re talking about?

No, I had an email conversation with someone this morning about their iphone version having and issue that they could not get past the confirmation page, I thought that person was you.

Here is what I would do on your end:
Upload your most current play data to the DQ Account system.
Uninstall the game completely and then reinstall the latest version from GOOGLE PLAY App store.

If you are installing the game from another source I don’t know what will happen when trying to accept the consent information, I have only tested these steps with the two versions of the update that are currently live:
Google Play
Apple App Store
The amazon version is still waiting for approval.


Will try it out, thanks!

Update: It worked. Thanks again tdaniel!


Is that the General Data Personal Regulation? Am I right?



I hate to ask… but as it’s 20 days later…
Any word when the Amazon version of DQ will be released?
I think Amazon forgot about us…

No, they haven’t forgotten but they also have not released their GDPR compliant SDK updates. We will probably have to move forward without the support in the Amazon version (so no ads at all will work)


Ok, thanks for the update, tdaniel. :pray: