Gear gathering

I am starting to realize a few things as I play my characters in this game. Items of gear can have special stats…let’s say bleed damage. It seems some items cause bleed, some items increase bleed. And it would be wise to use these items together, I imagine.

Is it best to try to gear up so that your outfit and weapons cause then amplifier one particular type of damage? My characters are all mismatched right now and I am just starting to think I should watch for these pieces that go together but unsure how crazy I need to be about it.

Thanks for any advice!

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For a beginner, I think you should gather as many crystals/mythstones (CS/MS) as possible. While farming, you can also find some good legendary items. As you got enough CS/MS, craft your own gear or look for some builds on the forum :smile:

I would say yes. The better your gear/skill synergy is, the more damage and survivability you’ll have. But as vil said, that’s really only necessary as a long term goal. For just leveling up and learning a bit, you’re going to be just fine with a hodgepodge of stuff.

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Thank you for both your replies. I did change the element on all my gear to match each other, based on whatever piece I had that did the most elemental damage (in my case ice) I could tell the difference just with my smoke bomb. Right now anything that even touches it drops immediately, except for the most large enemies. A most definite improvement!