Gears for mage in 500+ maps

Hi guys can some one suggest whats the best build floor 500+? Mage here… thanks…

Try Greengarden’s wizard build

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Yeah but the build you’re showing is old and needs huge updates to it for it to work as well in patch 3.0 . Many of the affixes used on it no longer work as well.

For one , you don’t need 6× 5000 ED on a campaign floor build. It’s best for PvP the 5000 ED. Another, you can use gauntlet instead of wand. Gauntlet has really high BWD at level 100 compared to wands.

Then 2 druidic set slots for Druidic bonus for 5k HP Regen which then becomes 150% increased Regen so it’s actually 12500 HP Regen.

Equivalence no longer as necessary and no need high MP or high HP for maxed out MP Regen which used to be possible with equivalence but not anymore.

Also no need for Spellsword , 75% MP , Cosmic Power , etc. Also no need for defiant since there are better ways to buff DMG these days. Definitely no need for Ignore Resist since I found that 100% weaken buffs your DMG by ×2 more than normal DMG shown in ignore resist and no enemies will be resisting your DMG that well or at all.

The affixes you can use: Druidic or 2 sets of druidic , Plagued , Adventurer, Momentum with it , Demonic, Pathfinder if you add dodge (dodge will be more useful than HP for blocking attacks and potential block affix also). Rage Set for Crit chance +225% crit DMG to max out. Optional is also Epiphany set affix.

Legend affixes can be: Push the Limit , Glasscannon, potential DMG to elites if you manage a stack of magic+ enemies, Barbarian set, Execute DMG if possible , obviously as many blights as possible as that’s still a good way to deal DMG. Also at least 3× 100% ED and 200% WD on your desired weapon of choice and 25% double strike if you can place it . Tome can have double strike when using Jasper on a vial that has double strike for eg and with that tome + synergy mythic.

Mythics: Energy Mythic or Alchemy or Fury , potentially discordance with a special skill like twister or orb or anything really. Also sanctuary for survival to revive or Empyrean for 50% more DMG on elemental crit.

Crystal Affixes: 90% weaken (100% weaken literally means ×2 of all DMG as I tested) , 225% crit DMG , 45% crit chance , potential 30% deadly strike , 30% crushing blow and the last crystal affix is all up to you. It can be reduced CD if you rely on it for eg. Another deadly strike. A 30% dodge.
Could be a Regen for MP. MP Regen can still be buffed by cosmic power and if you have a Timewarp projectile build, cosmic power is almost a must have. No need Attack Speed unless it’s a build that rapidly fires projectiles or bolts like barrage build , flintlock build or bow build for eg and if your focus was APS , you may also use Hunger and Angelic or one of the two. Hunger is also a good reduced CD set.

Talents: Sorcery (to literally double poison dot DMG) , wizardy for easy elemental crit if you don’t want to spend affix slot for it or Amplify talent for a free 40% increased DMG , Magnify or Bewilder or even Mastery (if it’s a primary skill to cool down a special skill). Also Fester or Empower.

Skills: keep the skullshield but a special skill can be anything you prefer. Twister isn’t a bad idea however.

If using adventurer and momentum, you’ll want some move speed. You have 37.5% move speed from Adventurer after collecting gold , 10% on dexterity. The rest can be from a skill, a mythic such as synergy (if you summon minions) , draught mythic to drink MP potion for move speed , a proc like sprint or a skill such as Knightscharge .
Also legend affix 15% Move Speed where possible.

The green garden was truly an OP build at one point but it’s not really the case anymore and to reach those levels of OPness , you need more effort and affix dedicated and update to newer affix standards.

Poison is still very very powerful though. It’s not broken but that’s fine.

Do note: For Discordance, you will need Multi and Extra attack for the special skill of MH. Also Multi and Extra Attack don’t work on skullshield .

Green garden truth be told can be any build , including my rogue build if I bothered to transform my Discordance Orb rogue to it. It can even be a version of the Frozen Throne build but poison for eg.

One thing however, it’s newbie friendly creating a powerful poison build. What’s even better is creating fire + crushing flames build. Or a combination of both fire crushing flames and poison or ice. Or poison + ice.
The core aim of green garden or any poison build is to get as many enemies caught into a poison cloud as possible, the more enemies, the more powerful you get.Taunt is a good choice and aftermath itself too with meteors.