General build and farm Help?

Hi guys! I just got recently reconnected with DQ (got to play DQ before but still nooob since then) and started to play again. So i need some help for newbies like me like farming build and where to farm. Any ideas is much appreciated.

Farm at M3 Floors 180-200. Plagued + CosmicPower+Equality+Druidic Set for fast mob kills. Prioritize unlocking Eternalized Set by collecting dust from disassembling Legends and get high tier crystals from eternal items that you dont need.

Or… you can specialize your farming, pending on what it is you wish to farm for.

For eg: a lot of people are really only interested in obtaining a lot of CS. So if you want to optimize CS farming, forget about luck gold find etc. Focus everything into Item Drops… 350%+ and crystalline for increased tier rarity., then the the rest into survive / dps… then crank dat floor level up to 500

It really depends on what your target farm is. I prefer specialized farm builds, but hybrids can work out ok too.

PS : I also personally enjoy giant pick up radius on my CS farmer. Picking up just off screen. :smile:

TBH I’m not even sure if crystalline tier rarity stacks with floor tier rarity, but this method gets me all the CS I desire

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Will test with / without crystalline on f500 today. So many things to test. O.o

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I tested crystalline. It makes a difference but not always necessary. But then again, it seriously helps when it does and I have had it help me so much.

Even before tier rarity it helped . Also legend maps.

As far as I could tell, it works similarly to floor rarity and legend map crystal rarity increase work almost like floor rarity and Crystalline.

I can test though but I think you’d be better at it. I tested ages ago but I think a test now would be quite different .

You should be DQ tester @Homicide . I would love for more active DQ tester as it seem not as many active testers as used to be.

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Thnxs for the tips!.. But to farm for plague or specidic items should i go grind that floor mention by codex or should i just progress with floor levels and it will eventually drop those items?

Btw, cuz was it you who posted aftermath build? Is it still good for farming or was it nerfed?

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Yes it’s still good for farming. I still use it to this day. Aftermath can be used in any form tbh.

Yes it’s me who posted. Glad to meet you.

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Okay tnxs…still farming for aftermath haha…still 1/4…

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Tip, farm some Elixir Mythstone . If you manage to have 2x 2+ All Sets, you reached the cap 4+ All sets so 1 aftermath turns into (5) Aftermath.

Or find Nadroji ring and Nadroji’s crystal. Also find the frightening choker item if you have a rogue or have dust to craft from rogue codex.

Ok tnxs…if you dont mind Do u have any suggestions or links for crystal farm build? still on floor 230 legend difficulty…its kinda getting hard hehe

Just wanted to post my follow up results and research in regards to floor tier rarity and crystalline rarity. They indeed function separately it seems.

You can observe floor tier rarity increase easily enough by incrementing floors +100 up to 500, and observing the effective cancellation of lower CS.

However (thanks @Mr_Scooty ), the crystalline affix, if correct, simply increases the chances of greater rarity drops. Jasper through to obsidians.

Hope this makes more sense and helps.

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