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  1. I don’t know if this is a rule or a bug for eternal league: I don’t lose points and my win streak doesn’t end when I get defeated in a match. The DEFEATED sign appears but no point is subtracted, and my win streak is “stuck” at 17. I lose every match now because the opponent I meet is picked according to my 17 win streak.

  2. As we can see, most of the players in eternal league are using rogue for PvP battles. I think this phenomenon implies an imbalance among the three classes. Clogon and Cronos have designed extremely strong wizard builds, but when these special cases are compared to the overwhelming number of rogue characters with not that ingenious designs, the imbalance is shown.

  3. Many cheaters have been reported, but I can still see some on the leaderboard. I think immediate and harsh penalty is required to punish them as they break the fairness of this game, especially after ver.1.9, PvP makes the game more competitive for players.

  4. Besides changing the affixes of items, I got to know another kind of game hackers changing the “Task system” (the Feats in Codex). They change the requirements of rewards (like find 10 rares to get a large loot? I’m not sure but it sounds like that). So they get crystals, items and gold without too much farming. I started playing this game from several years ago. I know the whole game system has changed greatly, so I don’t expect the long-term play will guarantee me good stuffs (I play for fun, not for comparing with others). However, seeing someone getting good items without much efforts makes me feel bad. I know this kind of cheaters are hard to find as their items have “valid” affixes, but I do hope you can make this game harder to hack, or detect the 3rd-party software interference.

  5. Thanks for making this game. I believe DQ is the best of this kind. Your efforts to improve can be seen from every patch. What I hope is that you can hold on to this, make both you developers and us players enjoy this game.


The game is offline and that is what makes it appeal vs lot of of other games. Doubt there will be a change to do that unless the game is made offline. You can’t expect the mods to do everything for that.

I agree on rouge OP in PVP as guided shot is too OP atm
And yes there is a glitch where if you lose in eternal league, you dont lose

Games like Clash of Clans with huge resources have a hard time with third party software, you expect the devs to do something about cheaters in an offline game? Lol

Well I don’t expect the hack problem to be solved very soon :smile: just to report a new trend of cheating. Btw I’ve seen some offline games stuck and crash when ppl try to change game data. Will that be a possible solution for preventing hacks?

Kairosoft not even let Modded device play their game. i think if DQ made this way, alot player (non cheater will riot for some of them modded their device to have screen recorder for device below 4.2 and some of them mod their device coz some good app only viable through modded. i just wish DQ able to detect 3rd party app related to data changer like [mod edited] and what so ever thing like that. Forcing the game to close, or stuck on ShinyBox symbol. and maybe ban their IP. so that they stuck on Offline. ver forever and cant connect to DQ Cloud + battle arena.

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Hey, thank you for taking your time for write your thoughts down :slight_smile:

  1. Please contact our support for your 1. Issue:
  2. We are going to balance it in 2.1 for sure.
  3. If you see any cheater, please report them here: [Reports Only] Report Cheaters & Hackers
    Or you could write me a PM about it too. We are going to remove them from the leaderboard soon. Cheater are on a seperate league, so you will never face them unless, you got banned too :slight_smile:
  4. Since DQ is an offline RPG. There will be always some hacker exist. With the item checker, we have already removed the bigger game breaking items. We are working on a better cheater prevention in further patches.
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