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I guess I’ll start posting my questions back here lol, instead of making multiple topics.

Does this mean we should have 0% AS to activate skill procs normally? or about 10-20%?

  1. Is there a crystal to change a specific legend affix line?
    Ex: All champion > All berserker

  2. Is there a crystal to change Talent that’s not randomizing?

  3. If I have 2 “Explosive” items (5% chance per attack); would that make 10% chance?

You should double check the description of procs… They are chance per second. Having AS greatly reduces your Chance/Attack. Lets say you have 20% proc timewarp but do 10 attacks/sec. This roughly translates to 2% chance to cast timewarp per attack. Good luck having that activate! To test it out literally just stand there for an hour and do nothing but comets. You will see that it works fine.[/quote]

And here I thought that the chance % remains intact, with a 1 second cooldown.

No wonder guns are useless for procs :laughing: how tragic.

[quote=“solid_ice8”]2) Is there a crystal to change a specific legend affix line?
Ex: All champion > All berserker[/quote]
Nope, you’ll have to remove them and reapply to get what you want

Each time you change talent on gear, you’ll have 2 options to choose and that’s it

No, only DMG increase

AS alone means nothing. As I stated, what is important is your Attacks/Second. lets say you have 25% Proc and you use a weapon that has 1 attack every 4 seconds. Your 1 attack will therefore have ~100% chance to Proc. Now if it had 60% AS, it would do ~1 attack/2.5s. Your Proc/Attack will be decreased to ~62.5% per attack. However regardless of your AS or Attacks/Sec, you will average out at 25% Proc per second.

As long as you are constantly attacking, your attack/s does not matter. The reason why it seems to be lower when you have high AS is because you are not constantly attacking as you move.

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Okay, thanks guys.