Get my PvP feet wet?

I’m currently using a perma-stealth almost no-health (keep getting glass cannon rolls and figure “eh, it’ll work for now”) build for my hiking and farming, but I’ve been thinking about putting together a PvP set.

What should I be keeping an eye out for? About what point would it be worth actually venturing into the arena without just getting face slammed?

This is the list from SHTT: Skaul's Hierarchy of Tips and Tricks [SHTT] [2.5] and generally you want to watch out for any item that has a Legend affix Elemental DMG%, Weapon DMG%, or other useful Legend or set affixes that are not rollable through Amethyst and Ruby. A list of all of them can be found here: Crystal Crafting Restrictions

One thing I learned in the Arena - you are always going to get your face slammed. Unless you are the top 1.

Ah yes, I remember seeing that thread, reading through it, and seeing that list. I’ve found and held onto a few of those things, but don’t know the difference between what I want for PvE vs PvP.

There are items on this list that have farming affixes, like Gemmed Crown with Crystalline and Immortal Flintlock with Eternalized, but they also have Elemental DMG% Legend affix, which is really useful for PvP. Rule of thumb: if it boosts your dmg or chance to survive, even indirectly, it is good for PvP.

Does elecrit have any place in arena? Does it work? I know some things don’t (like hero skills), is there a nice compendium of what works and what doesn’t? In arena, is weaken + arcanist or something better than ignore resist? Are resists even worth having, or because of ignore resist and weaken + arcanist are they pretty pointless?

Everything functions in arena except for ignore resists hero skills that you naturally have do not function but any that you have on gear will :smile:

+5000 ed is generally better than +100% ed in pvp, a ton of health is a must aswell( at least 50k for a high damage build, unless ur using manashield), multipliers like push the limit and barbarian are generally good aswell.

@Arvandor just wna add… try getting all defensive crystal affix on gears… i suggest use cosmic orb chakram… vial oh(if u go pure dmg/crit build) bomb oh (for mobility)
perseverance and some immunities will help you climb up… dont forget defiant affix it make u tankier/stronger work well on pvp

from my experience coat proc is betrr than elem crit in pvp

the rest is up for you to discover try experiment “trial and error” so that ull understand well the current pvp meta

@kajfik000 those people are also easy to beat w/ proper build… in 2.3 every atleast 30minutes rank 1-5 always switch places since almost anybody in the top league can beat everybody (so u just need to be patient farming points to.maintain top spot) really tiring maintaning it specially if der are tons of players hiking rank…

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Thanks for the advice all! I actually think I have a pretty solid starting point gear-wise, I just need to gem it all up (unfortunately I don’t have any obsidians though). Besides HP, what other stats are useful? HP on hit? Regen? Do they have any place in arena? Is there a good mythic energy source for a gun rogue in PvP?

Also, before I start blowing gems, I kind of want to plan out my gear a little. I see people use Empyrean a lot? What else is primo in arena. And if I go pistol and vial, are there better special skills than the defaults? Maybe twister or orb and summon spirit thing or skulldraga?

The items I have waiting to be modded up for PvP:

Starvation ring
Vampiric Touch, 86.9% weaken, 24.7% sprint proc, 50% bleed dmg, 25% total hp, 10% bleed chance

Frightening Choker
Haunting, 99.5% fire damage, +2 set numbers, 22.9% specialist, 8.8% resource cost, socket

Aether Cover
Aethereal Drain, 92.3% Blistering, 97.6% fire damage, 22.3% total mp, 213 all resist, socket

Defiant, 100% fire damage, 24.8% dmg to elites, 26.1% weaken, 2 sockets

Astral Shroud
Ascendent, 387.4% explosive, 5 intelligence, 9 blindside, 19% fire damage, socket

Toxon (vial)
Gladiator, 8.1% stealth proc, 20% damage to elites, 8.5% deadly strike, 181 hp on hit, +4356 fire dmg (does this work for MH as well, or just OH, which would be pointless on a vial)

Bloodless Victory (Root)
Gladiator, 11.9% clotting, 8.9% purge, 8.9% recovery, 9.3% ar piercing, +416 hp on cc

Also, do pet stats get counted in arena? If so, I feel mine is pretty dang well set up for arena…

Permafrost, +50% bleed damage, +15% attack speed, +10 bulwark, +15% crit chance, +25% total ar