Getting 1B Damage?

Hey guys, recently i was surfing youtube and found this guy having 1B+ damage. Is it even posible? If yes, what affix must all items have to achive this result?

Really good builds, man. Really good builds. Lots of time.

Alot of those builds are wicked like that.

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Agreed! My ultimatr build im working on will definitely do billion or 2 dmg as after dmg after procs activate. All really good builds most certainly deal billion dmg.

i can only do 1m crit damage :frowning: , but this game really is amazing so there are tons of build that have never even discovered… Thanks for the reply guys,

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My max for now is 13B using chacram

@Kcellvirus what’s your lowest damage? Mind sharing your damage range?

maybe 300m is the lowest not crit and its just rare coz my dmg always crit , and with crit its around 600m-13.???B with deadly,

what would be the setup of that? i mean the affix needed to obtain such damage?

My builds don’t do billion dmg anymore becz element is fire but If I make a different build for pve, it can deal billiln poison dmg, similar to green garden.

I will never be able to complete builds as quick as cronos or others because i can’t pay for hirlings and my build certainly takes ages. I still havent got rare legends such as insolence and mutiny but I have nadroji robe. If I do get those, I don’t know I How I will implement them for my builds in ove or pvp. I guess a little experimentation and obsidians could work.

Greengarden cant deal billion damage in single monster, you still need to lure them
More monster = higher damage

Try to look chacram builds at forums they deal bilion damage in the past ver. Just try to revise them

greengarden true form deal billion in single target. and deal 1X when there is 2-3 monster. 1XX when there is more and so on damage tgat u havent seen yet lol, the true form doest requiring massive amount monster to deal billion damage. the only reason why i like crowd monster because mass killing look cool lol. and usually all build will not just attack 1 monster lol

Ow sorry for that, thats just base on what i experienced using greengarden build you share on forums not base on your fully build greengarden haha soooooorrrrryyyyy

nahh that okay lol. the one i share it still do billion anyway…

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I once tried to copy green garden but wasnt able to complete it. I was disappointed with the damage, so I switched to chakram build and with some experimentation i was able to deal 4b+ max damage and constantly seeing the billions and got pumped. Still farming cs atm to complete my dream chakram build. Still aiming for 100% stealth mode to compensate 100% glasscannon. @cronos4321 can veil 40 achieve 100% stealth? ocenyx said I need 40 Veil to reach 100% stealth mode all the time.

You need both veil 40 and stealth 40 to even out the cooldown and uptime of stealth. Veil at rank 40 gives you 60% stealth duration and stealth heroic skill at 40 gives you 40% duration for a total of 100% duration. Possible if you use 2 +5 All Assassin, 2 +5 Veil, 2 +5 All Skills and 2 +5 Stealth but you’ll have to use 8 affix slot just to focus on stealth. So it’s your call. :smile:

I got a +10 all assassin eternal elixer(vial). Im weighing the consequences atm since it will use alot of slots. but with unli stealth why not…

I’m trying to make an explosive/deadly strike chakram build. I don’t play alot due to short attention span, so it’s going very slowly. Very squishy character, trying to find a way to fix that, but max damage I’ve noticed so far is around 5B. Nowhere near done. I have 4 WIP characters, none that great. ._.

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