Getting the best gear for PvE

Hello everyone, I’m quite new to the game but I’ve managed to get to floor 200 and level 99 on 3 accounts, and I am finding myself rather annoyed because I cant either 1.) Find enough high lvl crystals. 2.) figuring out what’s the best gear is for PvE (my play style is the more dps the better) 3.) Finding enough high lvl mythstones to make mythics. Ultimately my goal is to reach the highest floor possible on the hardest difficulty.

Sadly each floor just keeps getting a little bit harder I only have 1.5m dps for my mage and 700k dps for my hire rogue. If anyone could shed some light on what I would have to do to accomplish my task at hand it would be greatly appreciated and would love the feed back.

Hey, just go through the threads in the forum as many before you have the same concern and there are existing threads to guide you with your concern


Welcome to the Forums. I’ll try and help you the best I can.

  1. The high level crystals aren’t easy to find. The easiest way to find them is to convert Legend (Red), Crystal (Light Blue), and Eternal (Green) items in game. (Make sure you DONT want to keep them first haha, you can’t get them back once you convert them) Every blue moon I’ll get one as a drop; but it is extremely rare. Converting your items you don’t need instead of selling them is the best way. Now this will cost money to do - but that gives you an excuse to farm for money!!! :smile:

  2. This will depend on your class and what you want to do. The best part of this game is the gear and skills and the vast amount of choices. I play a warrior and I use Sprint / Torrent / Whirlwind to clear the maps with Smash to bring them in. It works for me. That might not work for others. There are countless suggestions on the forums here. Troll the other areas and take a look at what others have already layed out.

  3. The ONLY way I have gotten the Mythstones is by converting the lower tiers to higher ones. This takes a heap of time. Also, after you convert 500 or so Stones you get a Free “Rare” one. So convert away and watch them build.

I farm around floor 191 for legends gear and mythstones to convert on Mythic 3.

Hope this help.

As someone like Zero who is new to the game and trying to figure out what to do after floor 150 or so, thanks very much Knutz. This info is very helpful!

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Converting normal legends will become useless. Your better off to keep ones that you need for a collection or whatever and selling the rest. (Red legends).
You’ll also want to purchase the 5.4m Mythstones and Crystals in the shop when they appear; very helpful.
You’ll want to make a Hunter Ring, as well.
You can learn how to make one here, and find out what it does. Take a look at your feats to understand.

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Thank you all for your input and I very much appreciate all the feed back I will put all of this info to use.

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WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA! What 5.4m Mythstones and Crystals??? I haven’t seen anything like that. I’d GLADLY pay for that lol.

EDIT: @skaul: are the extra mobs from the hunter ring supposed to give you drops? I made one two days ago finally and so far nothing special has come from it other than a couple extra mobs. Just curious… Also I don’t understand what you mean by converting normal legends will become useless. What am I missing?

Yeah, the vendor very rarely sells ultra rare crystals or rare mythstones for 5.4M each. Good deal if you have the money, but they come up so rarely that it’s pretty annoying if you’re looking just for them. Grab 'em when you see 'em, though.

Extra mobs from a hunter ring give you drops just like any other mob. I’ve gotten eternals from them, legends from them, rares from them, and nothing from them. Depends on RNG.

And about converting legends becoming useless – I think @Skaul meant that eventually you’ll accumulate enough mid-tier crystals that converting every single normal legend is not really worth the money anymore. You pay 245k per legendary conversion, and usually only get something between Peridot to Amber. When you have over 50 of each of those, it starts becoming more prudent to save your money for other expenses.


Ah ok. Thanks @Benzonia for that explanation. Makes perfect sense.

Damn, guy. Stole my expansion. :cry:

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