Gimme tips

Please give me tips on how to level up easily in battle arena. I need the angelic aura badly.

Just play


Basically I mean if you find you are not winning as much, find something that suits your playstyle. I personally use the aftermath setup with very high cooldown and it works. When you fight, dont just die and be like โ€œoh well Iโ€™ll just try againโ€ analyze your tactics, look at what other people are doing and why itโ€™s working better than yours. When you lose, learn from it and you will climb your way up faster than you can imagine.

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thereโ€™s no easy way my friend. I think what you should do is to farm a lot of crystals and get the best items that you need to survive before getting in to the arena(if you donโ€™t like losing everytime). There are a lot of builds in this forum depending on your class that you could copy or use, to get you to the top.:innocent:

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How much exp do I need from level 29 to level 30 arena level? Iโ€™m currently on lvl 28

I donโ€™t know but it doesnโ€™t matter

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Yah sir @DuDono thatโ€™s right. play if want a right easy level.:sweat_smile:
@synergy014 first do it a good farming build like @NUIQUE and @kiane_zaine wizard farming build or my wizard farming if you want a fastly leveling and fast floor hike.:heart:

You can use this farming if you want. :heart:

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