can 4 glasscannon effective?

I haven’t tested it, but I have read that 2 Glasscannon and 2 Barbarian is the max. Push the Limit can go as high as 4 I think, as there is a set of items that have a total of 4 of them. if you look around, you can get a total of 5 items with Push the Limit, but that is 5 spaces to just get +250% damage. I think the reason the limit for Glasscannon being 2 is that you get 2x +50% damage for 2x -50% HP (you have 1 HP left), even though you can find it on items or roll it with Ruby. you can’t have negative HP, which is what would happen with 3 or more Glasscannon.

oh ok thanks sir for answering

can i get barbarian on ruby ?

Barbarian and Push the Limit can only be found on items. take a look at the Codex, I think there are 1 or 2 items that have both on the same item. plus there are a few items where either one of these are paired with a Glasscannon too.

ok thanks again

in the last few days I tested a third Glasscannon on my Farm Build, and it doesn’t do anything. so 2x Glasscannon is the max you can have on your Equipment.

I think we have an EPIPHANY here :wink:
(Epiphany raises cap of glass cannon from 100-~125 but hp wont drop below 1)

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@TeaCup I didn’t test that, but using Epiphany and a third Glasscannon for an extra +25% DMG at the cost of 2 spaces is kind of expensive. I guess if you had the space to spare, or didn’t have items with the other 2 affixes, that would be good, but I would go with a Barbarian or Push the Limit in the third space for a +50% DMG instead. doing it this way would have your damage go from 225% DMG with Epiphany and 3 Glasscannon to 300% DMG with 2 Glasscannon and 1 Barbarian or Push the Limit. I hope I did the math correctly.

It was just a joke to be honest, if you have space for a third glass cannon then your build is completely wrong, mainly because a third class cannon even with epiphany (8) would only give you 2.4/2=1.2 which is a 20% damage increase
1 glasscannon =100%
2 glasscannon =66%
3 glasscannon =40%

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@TeaCup haha! well, your post started humorous and then ended up kind of serious, so I went with that.

there have been some posts recently asking questions on the subject, and so I did a little research and learned a bit about the math involved. has me doing some more thinking about my builds to increase DMG and DPS. I know that isn’t everything about what a build is, but those are the foundation of a good build. never thought I would be able to learn something from Mid’s Damage Guide that would stick in my head. so many numbers and equations!

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So basically 1 glasscannon per character is sufficient and more than desirable considering the forfiets

depends on the build. 2 Glasscannon can be put on any 2 items with Ruby, except the Pet, but if you want Barbarian and/or Push the Limit, your build is constrained by finding items with those affixes on them. also, think of the penalties. you can do +100% Glasscannon leaves you with 1 HP, which is easily overcome with Dodge, Block and/or Sanctuary. Barbarian +100% leaves you with 1 MP, so you need a lower % to cast spells, so may as well go with +50% and use the extra space for something else. Push the Limit can go to +200%, at least that is what I think, since there is a Wizard set of Legend items that has a total of 4 PtL on them. and there are a total of 5 different items with PtL if you look around the Legendex, so it is possible to get up to +250%. now, I haven’t tested out the Push the Limit max, but I don’t see a cap for it on the Stats Page, which is why I think it can get up to +250%. +500% with Eternal items? who knows? it might be possible.

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The cap for all barbarian, push the limit and glasscannon is 100%, theyre all affected by epiphany should you wish, amd like i said previously, when you add a second affix of any of them, the damage increase you see will only be 33% instead of 50%

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after getting frustrated by your response, specifically the part about Push the Limit, as soon as I logged off, I started up DQ, spent some Dust and over 300 Crystals, and started testing and researching. this is what I discovered.

Push the Limit can be found on all items except for Head and Pets.
Push the Limit can be found on items from all 3 Classes.
Push the Limit does have a +100% Cap! :eyes: :cry:

the thing that was getting me frustrated was the four Cerebral Vortex Wizard Items. each item has Push the Limit, and I figured that if you can handle the extra Resource requirements of PtL, then you could get up to +200%, maybe +250%, if you had 5 items with PtL.

starting with 5 items with 5 PtL total, the Stat Page shows a +100% Cap. after taking off 1 PtL at a time until damage went down, I also verified that way the +100% PtL cap.

my dreams of a 5 Push the Limit build have come to a crashing halt :stop_sign:, but it just means I have to think of some other crazy build.

thank you @TeaCup for your patience with my stubbornness.



In terms of PvP, you can achieve the following;

Glasscanon x5 Legend Affixes or (5x18%) = 90% damage [For mage Manashield, add empower talent (4) for 100% damage increase and 1 HP]

Push the limit x5 (5x18%) = 90% more damage but skill costs increase by 90% (low likelihood of casting Special skills)

Barbarian x5 or 90% more damage but reduce MP by 90%

Always check caps yourself… You can go up to 100% in each of these in PvP.


@Mr_Scooty wow! nice! I was looking at these affixes more for PVE than in PvP, but I had considered doing 5 PtL in PVP also.

question: are only certain Caps lowered for PVP? I think I know how to figure out which ones are if there is a difference between some Caps being lowered and some are not.


Hmm… some implied PvP caps are non existent… Take Luck and Gold Find (No cap)… GC, Barbarian and PTL have 100% cap (not 36%). Crit chance and Crit damage are accurate. Don’t always accept what is written as fact unless you test it yourself first.


Sartys spirit and gold find (uncapped in pvp) :slight_smile:

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