Glasscanon/Barbarian/Push The Limit

Another similiar question, is it worth having 100% glasscanon and 50% barbarian or 50% one and another? or 50% Push The Limit and 50%Barbarian.

Working on my twister wizard build, trying to figure out things to make it powerful :smiley:

100% PTL, 100% GS, 50% Barbarian = 1 HP but still high DMG good for PVE. Im using this build.

200%Push the Limit, 150% Glasscannon = ripped PvP hahahaha (Clogon’s Wizard)

Use 50% of all 3 since it gives the best amount. Although 100% of all 3 can work but that’s 6 slots and saving 3 slots or so is a better idea.

50% Push the Limit will buff your twister MH% alot so a must have. 400%*1.5= 600% . 1200% with hero points and it hit 4 times in a second so 4800% total MH% dealt! That’s just 1 push the Limit and only twister hero 20. Not just twister but mythics and procs as well as offhand skill.

50% Glasscannon increases all damage by 50%. Same with Barbarian but it’s different conditions.

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If you a wizard Try 50Barb 100PTL 100GC , 40Empower 40Focus .<-If your using Ice or shock 40Scorxery if Dots

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