Can Glasscanon affix be obtain by crystals?

if u mean crystal= Ruby. then yes.

Are you sure? Cuz I read ealier that this affix is only to specific legend items :confused:

yes~ there is lot affix available with ruby, and so it lil hard. to actually get what u really want. few ruby may needed.

Well so ima try glasscanon mage propably with blood magic + cosmic power :smile:

bloodmagic+glasscannon+empower= 1 hp. and ur toon become dust lol. u cant attack nor use skill. u cant do nothing except pressing revive lol

But from cosmic power i got a ton of mana so it can go to hp after emp + glass is being calculated so basically my mana would be hp if I am not wrong

glasscannon, empower counted last in multiplying Hp. whatsoever multiplying hp u made and make u have 1m hp. last will be empower and glasscannon. if u make 100% glasscannon, then 1m-100%= 0. but in DQ, if u have 100% glasscannon. ur hp will be only 1.

Well, based on post on this forum, before update that would work i see cuz emp/glass was calculated before blood magic and cosmic power ofc. Need to find seomething else i see :stuck_out_tongue:

But if I take Equivalence and Equality will my hp and mana be 50/50?
100% glasscanon + EMP = 1hp but 100k mana so with that combo will it be 50khp/50kmp?
Edit: or simply takeing Alchemy with me?
Edit 2: nvm Alchemy wont work cuz my hp will be 100% all the time.
Edit 3: Alchemy: HP/MP loss is taken from the highest current
value of HP or MP. Heals increase the lowest value current of HP/MP. DMG
dealt of manual skill is increased by a % of the lowest current % of HP
or MP before cast. DMG taken is increased by a % of the highest current
% of HP or MP.
So if value maybe it will work?

yes ur hp and mp will be equal. but yet empower and glasscannon still be the last. mean if u have 1M hp with equivalent ur hp/mp will be 500k. but then with 100% glasscannon. ur hp is 1 and ur mp is 500k.

btw u cant use 2 resources system like equivalent + bloodmagic. only 1 will work

Ye I know that only 1 will work but Alchemy isn’t a good call?
But did u test Equivalen with glasscanon?

yes most of thing i test already.

And how actually Alchemy would work with glass/emp combo? I will lose only mp when enemy hit me?

damage taken is based on your higher poll. if u have more mp, then the damage u received will directed to your mp. and if ur hp poll is higher atm it will directly to your hp. alchemy work best on equal hp/mp tho. and much more better if u have high regen for both hp/mp. haven’t try that with glasscannon.

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Well so maybe this can work with glass+emp.
Question: is it worth it?

worth or not, depending on ur playstyle and what u like. if u like the result. then it worht. if u not. then u know what to do. lol

I mean that by going this way we lose 1 mythic skill + 2 affix slot = 150% dmg increase vs 1 mythic skill energy = 70% dmg increase and 2 slot free. Will need to calculate what would be better for some bursty build :stuck_out_tongue:

that depend too on what ur source of damage and what buff your set give also what your primary do. it all count.

Glass cannon plus empower work best with mana shield. You have 1 hp, massive damage, and a huge mana pool to absorb damage.