Glitchy Monsters

Lately as I’ve been dungeon crawling, I’ve been noticing more and more glitchy monsters, (I’m not sure if it’s because of the floor or I’m just simply becoming more aware of them) invincible monsters that have no health bar, (I haven’t turned off health bars which is a minor glitch of itself though I digress) they dont, or perhaps can’t attack but they distract my spirits and hirelings endlessly, the only solution I’ve come up with is to simply run from them (though they just end up following me and distracting my spirits and hirelings once again) Though they do nothing, they still distract my spirits and hirelings which is a huge hindrance when I’m trying to progress to the higher floors. Because of this issue i have 3 main concerns. (Please note that I’ve only played this game for about a little over a month, I’ve encountered this glitchy monsters several times in this timeframe, despite this I’m not actually aware if this is a common occurrence among players or not)

1.Has any one else experienced this glitch? And if so is it a common one?

2. Are the developers aware of it?

3.If they are aware of it is there any upcoming update or patch that is going to correct this issue?


This is a known issue discussed in many prior threads. Devs are aware of it. Suggestions I have seen on forum is use settings that help with FPS, reduce mob size, etc to speed up your device’s performance.

Here i thought they were ghost from the monsters :grin:

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