Gold digger!πŸ˜‚πŸ‘Œ


Skyfall maps :wink: Great for farming but one very big drawback. Skyfall. So max dodge and block



Hey sir ron panu mag de activate ng forums account?Sn@ke_eyes here.tia.


Go for floor 150-200 floors if ur aiming for a high goldmap sir tyron says,a high quality map+packsized(140-150),magic rarity(150-200)
With 1110gf/1110 luck and 370 or 380 itemdrops.if you dnt have that stats of farmbuild i can share u mine as a token of recognition for a tough farmer like you.btw are you the same DJC in LF leaderboards?


You can avoid skyfall by using larimar though.


Yes, I am the same DJC in Legend find leader boards. 67k and climbing!

So I feel as though I have done everything correct as far as maximizing gold find chain, and I did just hit a new personal record of 4M, but still, I’m nowhere hear the 13M that Tyron posted.


What’s the ideal floor and difficulty for farming gold and legend drops at same time with using builds like this? Whenever i make farm builds with high luck, item drops, and gold drops i usually end up compromising damage which makes enemies harder to kill and farming a bit tedious.


Lower floors are far better anyways.Gold and items seem to be fewer in quantity past floor 200. A high move speed helps to blow through high pack size maps and also to avoid enemies and skyfall.
There is always going to be a trade-off, but sets such as Faun’s Gifts and Satyr’s Spirit will give you HP, AR, and MP bonuses for having high Gold find and Luck.
Floors 150-199 Mythic 3 is what I prefer to farm when it comes to high quantities of items and gold.


Yup thats true.,even i couldnt break that record of 13m/run.,because its specially designed for a group event ha ha.,congrats.,seems that you and mr corinthians are the only remaining active in lf hiking.keep it up.


Im staying on floor 150,.i dnt use satyr and faunsgift.,instead i use ephifany,momentum,adventurer, permafrost or crushingflames for my main farmer.and rely on my hire as damager


@YVRA_07.PH I don’t avoid skyfall maps anymore. Just do the easier ones :slight_smile:


I don’t mind Skyfall Maps so much when I do 1 player, but when I have a Hireling, well, for some reason, they don’t understand about getting out of the way. I have a few ideas for builds to have them die less, but that is a future project.


Hirelings are cheaply resurrected however pressing the revive button stalls your main and increases the chance of it being splatiered @Golem :cry:


haha, IKR! that happened a few times, so I make sure I either do it fast, or am not in danger. I try the do it fast method, since I need my Hireling to get the experience.


I always make sure my skyfall % is under 100. Sod anything over 100 lol


Legend and eternal maps are good for extra luck but highly challenging maps are more rewarding if you stay alive


On the lower levels, let the skyfall rain down on me! HP bar never goes below full. Once I get over floor 400 or so, I need to be careful.
Like dickwad says, 10,000 gold to revive five times a map is nothing when you’re getting millions per map.


I. Am. Not. Giving. Up. My. Hard. Earned. Gold! :shield:
Edit: unless I spend it! :smirk_cat:


move speed and pickup radius are essentials for farming gold. is pickup radius rollable by ruby?


No, pickup radius can be obtained through loot only.