Gold find

Not sure if this is a bug but have max luck but gold is lower for sum reason I thought luck and gold caped at same amount

650 cap for Luck and gold drop try to count you gold find I guess you change something at your gear

This wat I have on my guys

Unless I missed something, that’s a total of 600% GF. I’m guessing you have 10 pts in fortune skill or gf in natures/pet.

Both my guys have fortune rank 20 and my hireling has this pet with sum Gold find

so om confused why gf is not maxed too

Does your hireling have max gf as well? Your gf with a hireling = ((your gf) + (hireling gf))/2

please double check the nature of your item

ignore the stat page numbers, it probably only computes the main guy
which is
350+50+225+25 = 650 on Luck; assuming one item is Luck nature, the other 5 are not luck or gold
350+50+225 = 625 on gold

now here’s your real one:
6 unknown natures
X= total luck nature of the hireling
Y= total gold nature of the hireling
225% luck
75% luck x2
25% luck
225% gold
75% gold x2
67.5% gold
50% gold x2
50% luck x2
calculation: (total gear + skill of both hireling and main)/2 + difficulty bonus
luck=(225+75+75+50+50+25 + X)/2+350 = 600 + X/2
gold=(225+75+75+67.5+50+50 + Y)/2+350 = 621.25 + Y/2

Conclusion: you are not capped

Is the end off name of item there nature

Just took ss off my hirelings stats wow sum off items say greed and luck at end and this is just hireling on own

And this is my main solo

with one item saying luck at end off name

yes “of Luck” for example

So you have 1 of Luck and 2 or more of Greed on ur hireling. You also have 1 luck on main.

To max out, you need 5 total of luck, and 3 total of greed

Thank you for ur help did not no natures did that @kevs926 @Eater @Stryder

nature also have a good role for farming always check it :smiley: you can see at codex the complete list of natures

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I will look in too it’s thanks mite put 3greed and 3 luck on my hireling and main toon gear :slight_smile:

your welcome mate :wink:

I only see 75+75+225=375 GF. Even with the pet and Fortune 20, it is 492.5% GF.