Gold is not working right

It says 20k gold but it only gives me 2k gold

what says 20k gold?

The pop up says 20k bu ti does no add up i have a video

Its just frustrating to see that you pick up 20k gold buti its not being added to what i can spend. I dont mind spending on the game but is a shame that it is happening to an important resource of the game. Thanks for any support about the matter

You can see it better here what happens

You start with 145K and you end up with 177K which when you look at the amount under the gold is +33525. That number gets added up based off of the gold you pick up during the fight (in your video posted). Perhaps I am not understanding. The numbers that pop up on the screen are all damage numbers, those don’t refer to your gold picked up amount. That number is shown directly under your current gold amount.


So the number that shows under ng hold is that the sum of all the gold or each gold that i puck up

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The number is a running total for all of the gold you pick up until combat is over (like all the enemies are defeated or if you go a few moments without attacking a monster).

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Ah ok sorry for the in convenience thanks for the support. Love the game

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No inconvenience at all! Thanks for playing!