Gold wars 2 the goldening

Yo I wanted too create a topic so that we could all have a friendly competition too see who has more gold :relaxed: anybody that wants too compete post your current amount of gold with a screen shot down in the comment below :grin:
Here’s mine too start this off :smiley:


I know someone with 5B gold, he’s a legit player. Too bad he’s not here in forum = (

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Awwww rip well we’ll consider him number 1 for now even if he isn’t here :grin:

I spend it all like immediately.

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Hehehehe yeah fair enough skaul I feel you :relaxed: :sunglasses:

Bruh, I keep spending gold atm. Unsurprisingly, cronos got a billion gold like anyone could. I would easily get a billion gold but I don’t have the attention span and also, I always crafting so converting is always convenient as well as a chance to buy obsidian from vendor store.


Too true Cuzeg but some gold can be so easy too get now I think we might just end up seeing some truly rediculous numbers out of this :relaxed:

1.019B (currently) love to see the B on the back from map view lol. bcoz that love, I now being sticky to spend the gold, afraid of the B turn to M back. Lmao


Niiiiiice cronos now I really wanna see that B myself :smile:

The B have the power to make 1 become stinky, careful with that B haha

Hehehe yeah I bet all hail the B the greatest of money management tools

I am nowhere near cronos but I am still really enjoying this game!!

You don’t have commas. :fearful:
Best addition in 2.1 was commas. :wink:

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I am more than ready for the commas!!!

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Prepare yourself for the commas!

Also, on the topic of the kindle, they’re still working on it as of a few days ago. I wish they could reveal more, but there isn’t more to reveal.

I asked about the Kindle status a few weeks ago. I don’t see any need in pestering the developers. I know they are doing their best. I am definitely ready for the update.

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Hi im a new player here rogue currently at 1147 m3 floor . lol whenever i earn 10 m + gold i convert all legends and eternal . then i farm again its like an evryday routine haha

Man can u tell me where do u get defiant glove? I thought it was always be the swords

i got 150m haha no picture available due to phone missing haha

I play on Mythic 3 (EP8) around floor 200ish. Make sure you Max out luck and item drops.

Here is a link to the Legenex @Skaul has been maintaining.