Gold wars 2 the goldening


I am more than ready for the commas!!!


Prepare yourself for the commas!

Also, on the topic of the kindle, they’re still working on it as of a few days ago. I wish they could reveal more, but there isn’t more to reveal.


I asked about the Kindle status a few weeks ago. I don’t see any need in pestering the developers. I know they are doing their best. I am definitely ready for the update.


Hi im a new player here rogue currently at 1147 m3 floor . lol whenever i earn 10 m + gold i convert all legends and eternal . then i farm again its like an evryday routine haha


Man can u tell me where do u get defiant glove? I thought it was always be the swords


i got 150m haha no picture available due to phone missing haha


I play on Mythic 3 (EP8) around floor 200ish. Make sure you Max out luck and item drops.

Here is a link to the Legenex @Skaul has been maintaining.


Hey @Griffin012 , why is the topic called gold wars 2? I thought this was the first gold wars competition and wheres gold wars 1? Is the no 2 related to the patch as well? Some clarification would be nice to clear up some confusion and thanks if you clarify :slight_smile: .


Hehehe fair enough Cuzeg :smile: yeah it’s the first time any thread like this has been done the titles just meant too be pun : P :grin:


Gold wars 2 the goldening is gold wars to the goldening. I dont get the pun yet but thanks.


Gold wars 2 was supposed too be a pun of guild wars 2 and the goldening was just because it sounded dumb and funny :yum:


I see where this is coming from ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


But… There was a first one…


True but then I couldn’t out “the goldening” at the end :yum:


do a gold mine or gold monsters for more golds :smiley:



this is good for wizard


Wich is good for wiz?


ur pet maybe


your pet :wink: