Golden veins and fauns gift

Do these actually function in the exact manner they specify as in does it buff based on the gold/luck only on the gear or does it behind the scenes simply buff based on the total stat of that you currently have so for instance say you are playing on mythic 3 difficulty and only have 250% luck/gold find because that’s all you need too reach cap with the heroic skill of luck maxed will they buff based on the 250% gold/luck find or based on your over all stat of it which will be 650% (pre ascension and not including the use of epiphany)

Only from gear amount

Satyr’s Spirit* :smile:


facepalms EHEHEHEHEEH LMAO I’ve been playing this game for too long I can still vaguely remember a patch before legends were introduced I’ve been playing for so long :stuck_out_tongue:

That golden veins. such nostagic, many cries.

I miss that golden veins. Seems so strong back in the day though so no wonder they changed it.