Golden Veins

How do i get Golden veins set affix?

I think you either have to find golden veins items or use amethyst crystal to get one. Il brb to check im im right Edit: I can’t find golden veins affix. I think its either gone or only obtainable through amethyst.

I think gold vein come from satyr spirit when I put on my satyr spirit I get gold vein on my stats info.

oh ok thnx btw how do you get that hp on your warrior i cant raise up my warrior’s hp just like that

but on dungeonquest wikia
[Golden Veins Increases HP and DMG by 25% per rank Average Gold Find on gear]

i think they replace the golden veins with satyr spirit

I have faun gift (5) so it increase my total HP%/all resist by +62.5% of luck on gear. And I have +10k HP on my eternal wep/ +5k HP on body/ max points on strength. But you can get a lot more depending on the gear you use/stats on it.

oh ok. is that your farming warrior?

Yea. But my farming build still need alttile more work.
@kindred just invite you on one of my message you can see my build.