Golems Chakram Secrets

was looking at my Stat Page yesterday and noticed my Boomerang has a CD! :eyes:

I did some tests, and Boomerang Skill, Celerity Talent, and Cool Down Affix all affect Boomerangs CD.

I was always wondering how long the Chakram took to come back to Rogue when using Boomerang. it looks like it is 2 seconds (from a Post by another player, haven’t looked at my own gears for a current value) and is affected by Cool Down.

it looks like if you have Boomerang 40 & Celerity 40 with Cool Down +60%, Boomerang will have a CD of 0.192 seconds. if it gets rounded up, then 5 Boomerangs a second, rounded down you get 10 Boomerangs a second… except that Chakram has an APS of 3, so only 3 Boomerangs a second. although CD doesn’t affect the APS 3 cap, Attack Speed does, and so does Angelic & Hunger Sets and Draught Mythic. ugg, I don’t want to do the math at this time… ok, doing the math… looks like you need enough CD with max Skill & Celerity with enough Attack Speed to get more Boomerangs per Second. so it might be possible to cast Boomerang 5-8 times a second. I really want to test this ASAP! I wonder if speeding up Boomerang will affect it’s range. something else to look for when testing.

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Just done a quick test for you (you can throw boomerangs at a wall to insta cast them) doesnt seem to have a cooldown, and the special Whirlingblades cooldown only seems to be how long it takes for them to return…
The primary can be sped up with clerity, but the special seems uneffected
And angelic doesn’t seem to give damage to either of them

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I was doing some tests over the weekend, and plan on doing some more tests.

I actually got Boomerangs Cool Down to 0.8 seconds for an APS of 1.2 without using Epiphany (Boomerang 40, Celerity 40, Cool Down +60%). and I didn’t need Attack Speed. it’s range didn’t go down either. I’ll be testing with Epiphany & Hunger Set later. I think Boomerang doesn’t need Attack Speed, but I want to see if I can get Boomerang to cast more than 3x a second, since Chakram APS is 3.

I got Whirling Blades to a 2 second CD (+60% CD), and didn’t see any lack of coverage by the Chakrams as they spiraled out and in.

also, I think +2 yard AoE Radius affects the size of Chakrams for Whirling Blades. I had used an Item that has the affix and want to make sure.

I do the wall thing sometimes, but you lose damage from Blindside.

I guess I’ll add Angelic to the test for 1 second or faster Boomerangs.

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this isn’t everything about Chakram, but about the tests I recently did. most of the tests were for Boomerang, but some of the tests affected Whirling Blades.

Whirling Blades:

  1. Cool Down: WB has a 5 second CD. the CD is linked to how long the WB Spiral away (2.5 sec.) and back (2.5 sec.) to the Rogue. with +60% CD, WB has a 2 second CD. you go from 2 WB every 10 seconds to 5 WB every 10 seconds. the Chakrams travel faster, but still cover the same area as at 5 second CD. when I had Epiphany (5) and +75% CD for a 1.2 second CD, it looks like Chakram doesn’t go faster than a 2 second CD.

  2. +2 Yard AoE Radius: I thought this would increase the area reached by each individual Chakram cast with WB, on top of the increase given by the WB Skill Points. this didn’t work, so don’t use it.

  3. Periphery Set: faster CD means Periphery has a chance to activate more often. this part of the test was pretty fun.

Boomerang: (I should have taken some notes)

  1. Cool Down: Boomerang has a 2 second CD. 1 second away and 1 second return. this is for each Boomerang that is cast.

with +60% Cool Down, you can cast Boomerangs every 0.8 seconds.
with Boomerang 40, you can cast Boomerangs every 1.2 seconds.
with Celerity 40, you can cast Boomerangs every 1 second.

  1. Attack Speed: from what I could tell from tests, you don’t need Attack Speed for Boomerang.

  2. with +60% CD, Boomerang 40, and Celerity 40, I got the CD to 0.5 seconds. or was it 0.6?

  3. Epiphany Set: using Epiphany (5) and +75% CD, with Boomerang 40 & Celerity 40, you can actually see the Boomerangs going even faster, but the CD stays at 0.5 seconds.

  4. Hunger Set: Hunger (5) gives +25% Attack Speed & Cool Down. I didn’t notice a difference in the Boomerangs speed, but I think if you were only using Boomerang 20 & Celerity 20, then Hunger would make a difference.

  5. Ballista Set: This doesn’t work with Boomerang. Forgot to test it with Whirling Blades.

  6. Periphery Set: with Boomerang CD at 0.5 seconds, that is 2 APS for each Boomerang, for APS 4. I was activating Periphery a lot more often than with Whirling Blades.

  7. Discordance Mythic: This does work with Boomerang. I used Bow’s Multi Shot Special on my Chakram. It does 1050% Weapon Damage and has a 3 second CD. 3.5x Boomerangs normal damage and still very fast CD.

Note: when you hold down the button, you cast the second Boomerang right after the first one is cast. the casting is automatic and not affected by Attack Speed, and seems to ignore the APS of Chakram, which is 3, since I was basically casting 4 Boomerangs a second. and I forgot to test Angelic to see if it increases Boomerang damage.

Arcane Element & Living Force Set: I used Arcane Element because of it’s Elemental Critical - Orbit. Orbit has a similar spiral pattern as Whirling Blades, and with Living Force, Orbit spirals out at the location of the Caster at the time of the Orbit being Crit. and also gets damage increased by Living Force on the return part of the Spiral. Orbit with it’s Elemental Critical Damage - Celestial, can do tons of damage. Orbit also has about the same spiral range as Whirling blades, so is good for Builds that get up close and personal to mobs.


Thanks so much for posting this, I’ll 100% be coming back to this in the near future :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Some extra notes i wanna add to this are:
Time warp increases both whirling blades and boomerang damage
Living force seems to stack multiplicatively with Blindside talent, im like 95% certain on this… so you end up with up to 800% damage on chakram return

Oh and one more thing… im not sure if this is normal but…
CoatWeapon crit chance only applies to WhirlingBlades for the first enemy it hits, however the elemental critical seems to last for all enemies hit


Living Force & Blindside:

Blindside 20 & LF is +200% or 3 x 2 = 600% / 6x damage. with 40 it’s +400% or 5 x 2 = 1000% / 10x damage.

huge damage for Chakrams, and just think if you have high Crit Chance & Crit Damage!!!

Blindside & Living Force with Time Warp & Cosmic Power should get insane damage.

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