Golem's Theoretical Reflect Damage Build

Electrified (8) Set
Epiphany (5) Set
Pathfinder (6) Set - (this set is used to get +56.25% damage from the +75% Dodge)
Pathfinder & Electrified can be found on a Legend Hound & Fairy Pet.
Weaken +120% - one Crystal & Epic affix
Dodge +75% - one Crystal & 3 Epic affix, plus 20 Dexterity & +10% base Dodge
Block +75% - one Crystal & 2 Epic affix
Crit Chance +75% - one Crystal & Epic affix, plus 2 Death Natures and +10% base Crit Chance
Crit Damage +425% - one Crystal & 2 Epic affix.
Deadly Strike +40% - one Crystal & Epic afix
Manashield +20 - two Epic affix
All Sets +2 - any combination of two of Legend affix or Myth Stone
Reflect Damage +1500% - six Legend affix
+300% Elemental Damage - three Legend afix
+200% Weapon Damage - one Legend affix
Glasscannon +100% - two Legend affix
Redirect - Necklace Mythic affix
Mirrored - Chest Mythic affix
Explosive +400% - one Legend affix (tested, Reflect Damage can cause Explosive)

this build is based on a Wizard using a Gauntlet MH weapon. if using a Rogue or Warrior, you would change Manashield +20 for class specific affixes, talents, or skills that increase Reflect Damage.

Weaken is used as a damage multiplier, but Ignore Resist can also be used. in this case, add a second Crystal Deadly Strike for more Deadly Strike Damage!

Mirrored Mythic is used for multiplying Reflect Damage by your Block %. you could use Brutal instead to increase your Deadly Strike Damage from 2x to 3x.

Explosive is there to do more damage (increase dps, even though it is only a little bit). this can be replaced with something else.

Pathfinder isn’t necessary, but does work well with this build. you could use just one Pathfinder and some other Set. Rage would be a good idea, as you could get a high Crit Dmg just using the Crystal Crit Dmg and replace the two Epic ones with something else.

if i did the calculations correctly, you could reflect 1.3 billion dmg per Dodge and/or Block on average, with Deadly Strikes getting around 13.8 billion dmg.

Electrified is used to spread the dmg in a 25 yard radius centered on the Wizard. if 10 attacks were Dodged/Blocked at the same time, all enemies within 25 yards of the Wizard would get 1.3 billion damage from each Dodged/Blocked attack.

with the high Crit Chance, 3 of every 4 Reflected attacks will be Critical Hits. depending on the build, 40% to 75% of your Critical Hits would be Deadly Strikes.

haha, yes, i have a lot of time on my hands and finally decided to work on a Reflect Damage Build. hope you like it.

this Wizard would also have +40 Manashield, Focus +20, Empower +20 for increasing damage, with other Talents & Skills up to the Player.


Nice logic pal I’ve not played since lockdown. The theory sounds good


I like the idea here. Better than my theoretical reflect idea but lets see how it will be executed.


well, this build is focused on Reflect Damage. the other thing about this build is that you can only have 20 Skill Points on any Class Skills you use and 1-5 spare spaces for affixes, depending on how you tweak the build. everything else is for boosting the Reflect Damage.