(good builds for farming lvl300+ map dungeons

What class is th e best for farming? i mean you can kill mobs easily without exerting much effort currently im using warrior for farming and have poison build fauna and plague im in floor lvl317 and its very hard. Please suggest better build for farming

Try using crushing flame+frozen build for high floor, add dodge cyan affix for survive,

Or with ur current build, just add 2 dodge cyan affix for survive…dont think about HP, u still can die with 1 blow from enemy


all 3 classes can be a good farmer. although M3 Difficulty is the hardest to farm, you need less space for Luck and Gold Find on your items to reach the +650% cap. (M3 Difficulty gives you +350% each, so you only need +300% Luck and Gold find on your items to get to the cap). with Epic affixes, that would take up 8 spaces. if you use all 6 Natures, 3 Greed and 3 Luck, you only need 6 spaces with Epic affixes. if you have a Crystal Gold Find and Luck, using the 6 Natures, then you only use up 2 spaces for the Crystal affixes. if you use Myth Stones or Legend affixes to get your Item Drop to +200%, that is another 4-6 spaces. and if you have Nadroji, Nadroji Bonus, Mythic, Eternalized, Crystaline Sets, that takes up even more space, leaving less space for killing monsters.

if you like using Poison, maybe add 1-3 Blight to boost the damage of Toxic Clouds. without seeing what you have on your equipment, it is kind of hard to give advice. take a look at other players Farm Builds to get some ideas to improve your build, and if you still have questions, we will do our best to help.