Good gaming


this game is really good bcuz even offline can play. but then its better to find nice way to have trading item to market while where enjoy then we earn money !


Yes. And thats what i want the trading system or guild system


I say no this game is play to win not pay to win


Same here lol. I personally don’t like the idea of a guild system or trading system and such. I mean chatting can be nice but maybe reserve that for a next game or something where it’s not primarily Offline. Offline and stay offline on DQ 1. Arena is online only for matchmaking but not for battle however (which is nice if you have bad Internet’s so no worry about ping).

Also yeah pay to win would kill the game. Already the hirling helps but you can do without hirling as a choice and its 0.99$ as well as other stuff but I wouldn’t exactly call it a true pay to win or even close to it since nothing limits you from becoming the best really. I made do with no hirlings and purchases for a while and did quite nicely in game even if it was slower.


with Dust added to the game, it is the same as trading. just save Dust, then use Dust to buy the Legend/Eternal item you want. you don’t have to wait to see if someone has the item you want, the Codex already has it for the cost of a little Dust.


True. Dust makes things a bit easy tbh. Then again, I don’t mind it since it saves so much farming time from RNG trolling me from getting a CV ring farming and not getting that legend until a week of harscprs farming for eg.


I know. I just got up to floor 715 M3, and found some more Legend/Eternal items that got unlocked in the Codex. happy days! one thing I like about DQ is not having to worry about whether I can get something in a trade or not. besides, the Codex wont stiff me on a trade. I like the idea that it is all about my hard work and determination to get what I want and/or need to play better. besides, if there was a trade system, there would be someone trying to get around the rules to get what they want at someone’s expense.


I think item swap trade would be good. No monies involved . Just a simple item bid for item offer


Here is an other idea. Eternal gems with 4 random affixes that can be inserted into items with sockets


no on Eternal Gems, because you know that some one is going to want to be able to choose the 4 random affixes, and wont be happy until they can be chosen. it is a good idea, but also, something that powerful is going to be hard to get, use, and have a lot of limits. like a .001% drop rate, need 6 to use, can only get them from drops, permanent and unalterable, only 1 per set of gears, not 1 per item like Mythic affixes, and need 6 sockets on the item it is put on to activate.

Edit: and how random are the 4 affixes going to be? Normal? Epic? Legend? Crystal? some combination of all four? and how big a pool will the random affixes be chosen from? the bigger the pool, the harder to get anything you are looking for, the smaller the pool, the less flexibility for any builds you are thinking of making.