Google play achievements

I got some achievements in the game, but in Google play still 0 achievements. How do I fix this bug?

You will have to be online (to log in to Google Play Game as you launch the game), and then complete the Feat. By that, you can obtain achievements :smile:

I play online when getting achievements. But in Google play still 0 achievements.

Check to see if you have “Google Settings” in your app drawer. If so, open it and go into “connected apps” and check Dungeon Quest’s settings.

Dungeon quest’s google settings - Access to certain applications, including Google play, Google+
Still 0 achievements :frowning:

I don’t have an answer for you. Achievements work for me. You might try contacting Google. Sorry I couldn’t offer something better.

I hate this bug. It happens to some players and not others. I cannot figure out why but we jab wen working on it for a while (not as long as the carto bug though…)