Google Play crash

Hello i could login to Google Play but after it when i try to click again it crash the game . Android 4.2

Hmmmm ok I will look into this bug! Once you login one time whenever you start the game it will auto login for you. If you want to see leaderboards from Google play you can access those from the Leaderboard section in our game by clicking on the “Google play” button.

Yea i know but i cant do this when i press google play on leaderboards it noting happen;/

Ok thank you for clarifying

Same Problem here. I’m Level 90 and no Achievments displays in Play Games. Please fix it! Sry for my english!

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I don’t have a good solution for this issue. I have tried reproducing this issue on my end and every device I have logs into google play services with no issues…running out of ideas on how to repro this one.

strange tdanuiel - it crashes for me too…

Ircher what device are you using?

I also have this. Samsung Note 10.1 (old version, not 2014) Android 4.1.2.

These Samsung Note devices are killing me :smile:. I will try to see if I can reproduce this an emulator

Same Problem here, on Sony Xperia Z with Cyanogenmod 11 (Android 4.4.4) and Samsung Galaxy S3 with Cyanogenmod 11 (Android 4.4.4).

I only have stock devices here at the office. I have a Z and a Z ultra. Neither have that issue.

Let me throw my hat into the ring as I have only just started paying attention to leader boards …

I have the same issues :

Game does not auto log me into google play, I have to manually click on google play, sometimes it will log me in, other times it wont. If I click google play a second time my game crashes. So far, I have learnt to click once on google play, start game by clicking on “dungeon crawl” and then clicking on the gold crown, on bottom left of screen. If I am logged into google play, I can see leader boards, if not, nothing happens, so I click “back” and start again.

I have only gained one achievement, and that is for killing a mythic enemy. As a play tester, I had already completed all the feats, except for killing a mythic, which at the time was not in my play test build. When 1.7 build was released along with the mythic feat, once I completed it, it was awarded to me, and is shown on my google play account.

Leader boards are totally whacked for me. I do feature on some of the boards in both “circle” and “all”, but floors and EP level are are way out there, in terms of what it should be. I only checked the leader boards a couple of days ago, and I have tried coming up with some answers first, by experimenting, before I dumped a pile of questions and bug reports.

I am listed on leader boards for EP level 1,2,3,4 all roughly floor 300+, but the true figure for floors are 400 and 500+, I am not listed on EP 5,6,7,8 (cant check no wifi :frowning: ) but again I am regularly running these floors above 400/500.

I have tried by starting again from fresh, working my way up from floor 200, but even when I go beyond the floor posted on leader boards it still shows the lower floor. I even went to the extremes of selling all maps in my bags/stash thinking there was one from a test build that was causing the problem.

Hero points gained and XP gained seems to be increasing on a daily basis, but only by small amounts.
EHP is static, it never changes, regardless of floor, EP level or any items changed.

Sorry tdaniel, I am rapidly running out of ideas to come up with some answers :frowning:
Any other play testers from pre 1.7 having the same issues ?

To be honest we have to look at this flow for Google play services. I asked for a log in button to be added to avoid some potential Customer disappoints but it looks like it has caused more problems than it has solved. Also we have to do a mandatory Google update next week so that should be coming very soon.

And I have confidence in you to fix this problem and keep the automatic login not, well, automatic!

Each of those app examples (of games that make Google login stuff optional) I posted when you asked for examples have really nice developers and I’m sure they will send you examples, if you ask them.

I’m begging you to not make Google login automatic. I understand why you did it for the last release, but I hope it is only temporary.

We are continuing to look at this. We have limitations on our back end that prevent a nice all in one implementation. We will try to make this better in the next patch.

Sometimes all you can do is try! Thanks for the effort, however it works out.