Google play quests issues I have

The bug I was having is that when I completed the recent Google play quests, I didn’t receive the rewards for the Google play quest. For example, I completed the collect xxxxxxx experience quest and I think I didn’t get a monster spawn boost. I may be wrong though if the bug isn’t there.

Another annoying issue I still have is an old experience quest from a few months ago still saying claim reward. I press claim reward and it won’t budge. The old quest should have reset by now.


These issues don’t particularly effect gameplay for me but I just wanted to point this out just in case.

The claim reward must be an old quest, to my knowledge they are always “auto rewarded”.

There are new quests starting tonight at midnight 00:00

Finally new quests!!!

where to find these quests? @_@

OK the quests do work and they are rewarded automatically. The claim reward button is still there despite it giving the reward automatically but oh well. At least I got some cool 30 min boosts. I never thought I’d get free 30 minute boosts. I thought I’d only get 5-15 minutes but more is always good :sunglasses:.

ok, glad it is working! Thanks for the update!!

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