Google play quests patch 3.0?

Any plans of Google Play Quests ? I thought they would refresh so I’d get new quest when patch 3.0 comes out.
Although I don’t mind if they are never done.

Does apple and Amazon have similar quests like Amazon Game Circle Quests and iOS Game Circle Quests like Google Play has quests?

who knows

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@tdaniel .

We used the quests feature in google play to add a bit of variety to the game play and a way to award players with different boosts/gold/etc.

they have updated the system several different times (and it is great) but the tools we use to make DQ have not been upgraded to support the advanced features.

This is why so many bugs happen to players that use the quests. I disabled them as much as I could on my end to prevent further bugs from happening.

When we added in the google play quests there was not an Amazon equivalent. Apple has game center that allows players to “compete” for things like score and in game progress but not a specific quest mechanic.

Hope this answers the question!

We will not have an issue with quests in future game :wink:

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