Got beaten by an all eternal rogue

Is he cheating or legit . ill post picture here. There is now way I can beat him at my current level but I am having a high winning streak in a push to eternal league. I also have high power because of stat points, elemental damage and extra attack chance. Ill show you my updated gear. Unfortunatley, i couldnt delete crushing blow affix on catacylsm so I used disenchant and it erased all of it. Now i have to use a different catacylsm for battle arena andwork for 2+ sets mythstone.

P.S. I know battle arena people are AIs but they have real player equipment, win streaks and wins as well as league.

How can I link topic?

That is in fact a hacker, but next time if you encounter hackers, please post it to this thread:

Instead of making a separate thread, makes things more organized that way.


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I just love posting daily @saintwave What i hate when posting imgur images is when I write but after I post it on the same comment, The ingur image takes up some of the text so you cant read it in mobile. This doesn’t happen on computer but I only use my tablet because iuts easier to post on it for me.

Thanks for letting me know :smile:

How do you have such a high level Dps but only level 20? I’m new to this game sorry

In battle arena, everything is nerfed to level 20 even if your level 100. The affixes get halved, dps gets nerfed to about 10-12% and pet affixes do count as well. Mythstones do get nerfed by 70% so 1% leech turns into 0.3% leech. P.S: I am writing this on the fly so these values arent exact but you can press battle arena in your game and click arena rules to learn of them. Stat caps which means the cap of stats such as luck, gold find, crushing blow, critical chance, etc get nerfed by 60% as well.