Got some questions

Hi, I just started this game recently and I’m loving it! However, I’m always curious about the mechanics and all about games I love so could someone help me? Thanks lots!

  1. Does attack speed affect weapon skills at all? e.g. spinning axe
  2. What’s the difference between ‘icebound’ and ‘stonecold’ affix? They sound similar - one adds frostbite damage, the other adds cold weapon damage
  3. What happens when you get the full legendary set? Is there a bonus?
  4. What does armour and arcane resist reduce damage from?

Many thanks for your time!

Hey JCHERE, great questions!

Currently attack speed does not affect Whirlwind, but this may change. For most all other skills, attack speed increases the animation speed.

They are very similar, just frostbite requires the enemy to be chilled first. In the next patch, stonecold will also be adding Armor.

No bonus other than the increase in the set affix value.

Armor reduces damage from all sources. Arcane resist just reduces damage from enemy melee attacks, for now.

cool stuff, thanks a lot Steiger!

And kudos to you and your team - you’re probably the only few developers out there who care enough to reply every query that the community has. Applause to that!

Oh yes, another question: is there any difference in drops between farming on floor 101 and floor 200 if the enemy power is the same? Thanks in advance!!