Got the Nadroji ring!

I keep seeing this Nadroji ring. Its +2 to set affix is most valuable. Until today i havnt got one. Im grinding away on a legendary map at floor 425 mythic 3 and BAM!!! It drops. From the carto. He also left me a Fabled Blade. No ordinary one. No. One with Mythic set affix and legendary mythology affix and 4 empty slots!!! The DQ! Gods have smiled upon me on this day. Top of the world here.


Congratulations!! :four_leaf_clover:

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Good luck ! Quick tip : U can salvage Legends for dusts and craft Legends and Eternal Legends with the Codex :smile:

This is what DQ is all about! Heck yeah!

The ring seems to drop fairly frequently for me, or i got lucky, but the amulet… well, i finally broke down and unlocked it. O.o

Lmao xD

I got all nadroji legends but cant use the 4 coz i need the sanctuary amulet and chest i use mythic with bleed… I easily die when there underground creeps and dropping furies… Lol

Aarrrrggghhhh… got eternal nadroji amulet drop… for rogue… im a warrior…

Aarrrggghhh :confused:

I don’t think using 4 Nadroji legends is smart.

@Homicide You can apply jasper to eternal items. ^^



Oh… durr! Thanks :slight_smile:

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No problem. It’s hard to remember everything. I make a lot of mistakes also (human nature). They started allowing us to apply jasper to eternal items in version 2.1.


Yeah. Me too. I’ve made many mistakes that slowed me by months in DQ farming and knowledge in general but my effort of trying to learn helped in the end.


I love nadroji amulets and rings but I would only equip one or the other on a character. Otherwise its overkill and unnessescary

Im newbie here i got this on floor 105

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Nice find.


Yep. It’s. Normal that it can be found past floor 100 but RNG luck for finding it so early xD.