Graphical Glitch - Mirror Image on Warrior

Hey all, receiving this weird graphical bug where a giant sphere appears on my screen whenever mirror image processes on my Warrior. Rebooted game and phone, wondering if anyone was aware of this?

1st. that is weird…

2nd. Your DQ is outdated…

3rd. I dont think the admins are gonna help you out on that one because of 2nd.

4th. Update your DQ and check if it will appear.

I’m using Amazon. Anyway to force update? I logged into the Underground app but it says I have no pending updates for DQ.

Amazon doesn’t have 2.1 yet. It is being released soon without Game Circle support.

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For now, just avoid using the Mirror Image, if its not that gamebreaking anyway…

besides, there’s someone mentioning here about a braaand, new car, better watch out! :laughing:

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Hey! Thanks for the bug report. Just reproduced it on 2.1. Noted.

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